Cecile Duranton

Cecile Duranton

Managing Director
Time for the Planet

I count myself lucky I discovered you could be an agronomy engineer, as I've been absolutely passionate about agriculture since I started my studies - how could I know growing our food was such a complex and fascinating process. I count myself even luckier that my studies and jobs allowed me to live and work in several countries, learn several languages, and meet incredible people everywhere.But after years working as a business developer in the field of agriculture around the world, I decided to focus on one subject: climate change.I believe that's the main challenge humanity has ever faced, and we need everyone if we want to minimize its impact.So now, I use my skills to try and act upon it. We are together in it, and we can make the world a better place together.With Time for the Planet, I'll try to give the opportunity to as many citizens in the world as possible to participate in the fight, if they wish to do so. Our mission is to detect and finance innovations (including low-tech and business model innovations, we will need those more than ever) against greenhouse gases. Time was built as a tool for everyone, so whoever you are, you can join and participate financially and/or with your time to the project. And today, that's what make me want to wake up every morning!

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