Cem Baytok

Cem Baytok

Managing Partner

Bridging innovation into impact and growth. Investing into businesses originating from MENA and CEE through Turkey.

Cofounder of idacapital, a VC investor headquartered in Istanbul Turkey, investing regionally and member of Capria Global Fund Managers Network.

Idacapital invests in early stage disruptive startups in Mobility, Sharing Economy, Food & Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Financial & Digital Inclusion and Energy Efficiency which create superior financial return and impact.

He invests at Pre-Series A and Series A rounds and also advises accelerator funds for earlier stage startups.

He has over 25 years business and 15 years of Venture Capital and Private Equity investment experience. Prior to 2003 he worked as business and manufacturing consultant for about a decade, founded a tech startup delivering optimization and logistics solutions for both commercial and defense industries in Turkey and Europe.

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