Daniele Monti

Daniele Monti

Consultant & Trainer

My skill is connecting the dots of innovation, change and improvement in companies and startups.

My job is helping companies and startups reflect and improve their business model:
- Understanding and clarifying their existing one
- Designing and executing a roadmap to transform it
- Building it from scratch through experiments and iteration
My belief is that all these paths are more effective when approached with entrepreneurial mindset and spirit: take ownership, experiment, learn, adjust.

I’m capable of doing this thanks to my deep knowledge of company culture and dynamics, mixed with the curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit of a consultant to help customers and colleagues address and solve complex business problems and projects with coach like style.

My background blends 10 years of experience in a major insurance global player with 10 years working as an independent consultant, strengthened by the deep insights and international exposure coming from the attendance of one of the top Executive MBAs worldwide and a solid technical background from my extensive practice and certified knowledge of Lean Management, Organizational Redesign, Project Management and Six Sigma.

I love to share my knowledge to co-workers and customers having extensively acted as a trainer on all these topics.

In the last few years, I’m giving back part of my time by mentoring startups in the ecosystem of PoliHub, the Startup Incubator and Open Innnovation Hub of Politecnico di Milano.

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