Doruk Ertenan

Doruk Ertenan

Digital Transformation & Strategy Consultant

Digital strategist & marketing enthusiast with 15+ years of management experience in main business lines forged mostly in finance & insurance industry. Working for global giants having me equipped with the ability to keep the balance between being “an out of the box” thinker and a doer. Over the course of my career, I became a seasoned pro on business strategy development, decision making, strategic marketing communications, digital marketing & analytics, CX design & management, digital transformation strategies, innovation program management & corporate entrepreneurship.
Latest gig was to build and run a corporate digital garage aiming to enhance startup/corporate collaboration. In this tenure I find the chance to refine my skills on creative problem solving, decisive action taking, mentoring/coaching and strategy consultancy areas.
Besides corporate efforts, working closely with “product-market fit” stage startups/scaleups as a mentor on growth strategies and business development opportunities with a special focus on “SaaS, fintech/insurtech, mobile payments, blockchain & cryptocurrencies, online marketplaces, smart home, smart city, cyber security” verticals.

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