Eray Şentürk

Eray Şentürk

Partnership and Business Development Manager

Experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the technology and software industry. Social intelligence and strong communication skills, I succeeded in positions such as in Marketing Management, Business Planning, Sales, Management. And I currenly working in the e-commerce Software sector as a Strategic Partnership Manager.

The ecommerce ecosystem comes from a multi-component structure. That is why it means knowing what the components do, how they do it, their benefits and their business models in order to manage the ecosystem in the direction of the company's goals.For this reason I know very well the different sectors and their dynamics than one in the ecosystem.

You need to have a lot of ability to manage a multi-component ecosystem. And you are constantly improving to keep these talents above certain standards.

You can review or contact me for more my talents and experiences.

Skills and Interests

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