Esra Talu

Esra Talu

Founder I Partner
GoGlobal Advisory

She is specialized in analyzing, advising, and developing solutions for companies that are solely electronic and Internet-based, or for organizations that utilize some form of online technology for business purposes. She provides investors with investment products, advice, and planning. Works in-depth on formulating clients' investment strategies, helping them fulfill their needs and reach their financial goals.
She has substantial experience and knowledge regarding the Turkish retail market, particularly the Turkish e-retail market. Her marketing knowledge and experience includes a vast range of products, ranging from dietary products to leisure products and all kinds of consumer goods. She has an excellent command of three European languages. English, Italian & French.
She is an extremely energetic, enthusiastic, and self-motivated individual with first-class interpersonal and communications skills at all levels. She quickly builds up a rapport with her contacts. She also has strong leadership skills and managerial and organizational capabilities. In all firms she has been working, she is known as an honest, dedicated, trustworthy, and conscientious person.

Skills and Interests

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