Joachim Schelde

Joachim Schelde

Venture Capitalist and Environmentalist
Scale Capital

Joachim is a Venture Capitalist and Environmentalist investing in next-generation early-stage Nordic and US tech startups within B2B and helping them scale. He is enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and passionate about contributing with his experience in root cause analysis by utilising first principles thinking, designing scalable business models, fundraising from semi-professional and institutional investors, and strategising growth and internationalisation plans, among others.

Joachim is seasoned in utilising responsible investing and ESG as a source of power for investors and startups alike to mitigate extra-financial risks and exploit revenue-generating opportunities while improving the environmental, social, and governance aspects of doing business.

Joachim has a background in Management Consulting and Entrepreneurship, starting at age 17 as a founder of an e commerce platform. Joachim has a Msc in Finance and Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School and has completed exchange programs in Singapore and Boston.

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