Kaan Toker

Kaan Toker

Allianz Türkiye

Kaan Toker is the Chief Operating Officer of Allianz Turkey and a member of Executive Board.

Kaan has 20 years of working experience in insurance and IT industries. Currently he is responsible for P&C Operations, Health Operations, Organizational Management, Information Technology, Customer Care Centers and Procurement at Allianz Turkey.

He has the leadership and change agent responsibility for implementing large scale transformational initiatives including organizational agility, which aims to create a leaner, faster and more productive environment and new working culture.

Before joining Allianz he was managing partner of Vizyon Net, a research and development oriented Software Company which is specialized in business process management. Kaan was in charge of business development, sales and customer services.

Kaan has a proven track record in:

- Large-scale projects/program management from initial conception to implementation.
- New business development, innovative product development
- Organizational agility
- Customer centricity
- Change management
- Insurance operations
- Advanced contract negotiation, supplier management

Skills and Interests

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