Mete Karamanoglu

Mete Karamanoglu

Paid Medi Consultant

I build paid customer acquisition systems that help SaaS businesses to grow their revenue and increase market share.

I follow a five step framework:

1) Create a detailed audience profile– This includes intent mapping, pain thresholds, identifying desired situation. This part is all about psychology. Many advertising campaigns fail to address this step correctly.

2) Prioritising the right advertising channels and building custom journeys– I use formulas to determine which channels we should prioritise and what's the minimum budget required to create effective custom journeys in those channels.

3) Create the right offer and messaging– SaaS customers leave clues everywhere. The key is to interpret those clues correctly and in the right order.

4) Simplify tracking, identify all the vanity metrics (so we can ignore them), and have a laser-like focus on the right revenue metrics.

5) Optimise for maximum potential, identify emerging trends and follow a testing plan.

If you have a product-market fit and ready to scale or you are unhappy with your current paid campaign performance and want to improve your revenue metrics then let's connect on Linkedin.

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