Narayanan Garapathy

Narayanan Garapathy

Anginvest Ventures

Fostering innovation and democratizing investments is my passion. Innovators require unrestricted access to smart capital and investors love to diversify their exposure and to write smaller checks spread over a larger set of investments.

As an experienced investment management specialist, and an early-stage investor, I’ve seen liquidity as one of the key pain points on early stage investing with a holding period of 5-7 years if one gets lucky. The world of security tokens excites me as it has set out to solve this major problem, albeit gradually. I spend a significant part of my time in observing and participating in the evolution of the securities token industry as the ecosystem gradually develops over time.

My areas of specialization include finance, private equity investments, blockchain, securities token, financial analysis, fintech and startup investments.

Feel free to reach out if you are a securities token infrastructure player, an Alternative Trading System, an investor or a startup looking to raise money through innovative structures.

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