Oana Jinga

Oana Jinga

Partnerships Strategy - Retail

Oana oversees Google's collaborations with EMEA retailers, constantly looking for ways to support the growth of the sector through better customer experiences and access to the latest technology.

Before this, she worked on bringing the exciting Google Hardware portfolio to the UK market via strategic partnerships. Since joining the team she led the engagement with top telecom companies through numerous launches of the Google Pixel phones, Google Home and Nest products.

Outside of the corporate world, Oana co-founded BotsAndUs, a highly innovative service robotics and AI start-up. She supports the company through strategy and brand building, product launches and customer engagement, as well as raising the first significant external investment. She is very passionate about educating the world on the benefits and ethics of robotics as well as the importance of building unbiased AI.

Connecting others is at the heart of what she does day to day. She is highly involved in the Xoogler Network, a very exciting community of ex-Google employees that have started new businesses after leaving the company. She also mentors other start-ups as well as students from various universities, giving frequent career talks and organising workshops for those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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