Oğuzhan Aygören

Oğuzhan Aygören

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Bogazici University

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Bogazici University. Vice president of the Entrepreneurship Center and the coordinator of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program at Bogazici University. TV host and producer for the program "Girişimcilik Dünyası" at BloombergHT.

Previously at San Francisco Bay Area for 2014-2015 semester as a Visiting Research Scholar at UC Berkeley. Research on entrepreneurship, innovation and political behavior.

Researcher, thinker, analyzer, moderator, innovator, entrepreneur.

Teaching classes on Marketing, International Marketing, New Product Design, E-commerce, and Entrepreneurship (Lean Startup Methodoloy)

Completed the PhD dissertation in the area of political marketing and voting behavior about how individuals vote in elections.

Academic interest areas cover subjects such as choice behavior, political marketing, voting behavior, preference construction, interactive marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Specialties: new business development, innovation, digital, marketing, brand management, communication, lean startups, entrepreneurship, political marketing

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