Rodrigo García de la Cruz

Rodrigo García de la Cruz

Founder & CEO

👉 I have been promoting the FinTech sector for 10+ years as an entrepreneur, investor, influencer & academic professional. From all this experience and international network (top 15 global fintech influencer) led me to connect all the FinTech , InsurTech & PropTech innovation in the world with corporations and investors. But how? Through the 1st Matching as a Service Platform in the world: We launched to connect global innovation. More than 50,000 FinTech from 150 countries. Join this revolution: 🚀!

👉 In addition, I work from the institutional and regulatory side, as President of the Spanish FinTech and InsurTech Association, co-founder and Vice-president of the IberoAmerican FinTech Alliance, and co-founder of the European Digital Finance Association. We helped to launch more than 7 FinTech Whitepapers and launch the FinTech Sandbox Law in Spain.

👉 I have founded several Fintech (Accurate Quant) and invested in more than a dozen through FinTech Ventures (Housers, Coverfy, MyTripleA, Finizens, Milegado Digital, Paymatico, Bnext ...) and Ritmo Capital.

👉 I have 20 years of experience in global companies such as Citibank (Investment Banking), Barclays (Corporate Banking) or Renault (Robot programming).

👉 From the academic side, I also help the sector in my role as Executive Director of Digital Programs at AFI School of Finance with the PDD FiDEx: “Fintech & Digital Banking Executive Program” and the PDD IDEx: “InsurTech & Digital Insurance Executive Program”.

👉 Finally, my training is mixed, on the one hand, I am an Industrial Engineer in Robotics, and on the other hand I have a BA in Business Administration, a Master in Management of Financial Institutions from the IEB and an Excellence Program in International Financial Markets at the London School of Economics.

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