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Hackquarters is working with global leaders visualising the future together and empowering more innovation within our corporate partners.

Building partnership and collaboration between startups & corporate partners we are helping to integrate the best ideas in order to revolutionize companies current businesses.



Hackquarters is investing in the young generation of wantapreneurs building stronger community for university students and startups.

Our community programs help students to develop their skills and try a chance in startups.

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Hackquarters provides tailor-made programs to help corporations prepare for the era of innovation with expertise gained by leading the startup community. We provide know-how and resources to grow your talent and business.

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    Hackquarters helps entrepreneurs by partnering your startup with leading companies, byincluding your startup to our programs or investing in your project.

  • Corporate

    Hackquarters helps corporates to visualise their innovative ideas into real and applicable innovative solutions.

  • Pioneers

    Hackquarters Pioneers are handpicked talent from various universities and high school students.

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