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Batukan Taluy

Co-founder - Uservision

Hackquarters is not a traditional start-up accelerator. It bridges the gaps between corporations and start-ups and helps to navigate your way for creating value for every party involved.  Both as an early stage and an established start-up, I follow Hackquarters for local and global opportunities. Joining BNP Paribas Cardif program for InsurTech powered by Hackquarters provided a chance to scale globally and to collaborate with a worldwide partner.

BNP Paribas Cardif
Batukan Taluy


Co-founder - Ionet

A right mentor is like navigation of a car. You have a target on your business but if navigation choose a wrong way to do it, you use the ways that you shouldn’t use. This cost you not time and gas, it costs your funding, your limited time, motivation and energy. In real life, my mentors support my weaknesses. While they are doing this, they introduce me with right people and open their sources in every way.

Bayer G4A
Berkay Samiloglu


Co-founder - Glocalzone

We participated in the Visa Innovation Program. We had a chance to get support from many mentors, especially the Visa Turkey team. After being selected as one of the 5 Turkish FinTech startups, we took the first steps to improve our payment infrastructure with the support of the Visa team. Visa has brought us forward, especially in the partnerships we are trying to get into.

Dogan Turan


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We are inspired to create value for all the startups who apply to our programs. As the value and benefit might be different for every founder, we've created the Startup Spotlight, where startups can promote themselves via Hackquarters eco-system roughly 30.000 people.

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We have more than 250 mentors in our network, and they are experts in their field. Better, they are here to help you discover the best ways possible.

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Thanks to our global partners, we offer great support to our startups. From international expansion to cloud computing, you are covered.

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Do you take equity?

Each of Hackquarters programs are uniquely formed. So, answer is not a simple yes or no. Majority of our programs doesn't take equity and if we do, definitely you can see it written in the program page.

What are the benefits of joining programs?

Again, it is not as simple, since all of the programs are unique but think it as;

a-Joining Hackquarters Ecosystem, which will bring you introductions to investors, perks totalling over $100,000 in value, great mentors, corporate introductions and promoting your company in Hackquarters channels.

b- Partner Benefits: Majority of Hackquarters programs are backed by the best corporates in their industry. Those benefits definetely include potential POCs, mentoring from the leadership and global exposure for the company. And in some of the programs you'll receive grants or investments for your company to grow.

Can I apply anytime?

Every year Hackquarters runs 10-18 different programs with different structures and verticals in mind. You should apply for those programs before the deadline to be eligible. But if you haven't seen a fit for your company among those programs, you can apply to general startup application, so our program managers can update you in new programs and you'll start receiving Hackquarters Monthly mailings.