#thenewnormal live episodes are introducing innovators and global partners, representing different sectors of the economy and startup ecosystem who are trying to overcome challenges by Covid-19.

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Episode 1

Kamran Elahian

Our first guest Kamran Elahian tech entrepreneur and investor with 3 unicorns and IPOs talks about new trends and #covid-19 transforming businesses.

Episode 2

Serdar Gürbüz

Serdar Gürbüz, Senior Vice President at THY responsible for Digital Innovation and Analytics Solutions talks about the THY innovation perspective after #covid-19 and new trends in travel.

Episode 3

Marcel Dridje

A seasoned European Sales Executive, Marcel has substantial field experience helping IT , Deeptech and Telecom startups in the US and EMEA. Marcel has a broad range of experience in all aspects of sales, marketing, communication and management with direct experience with Fortune 500 enterprises.

Episode 4

Goh Hirose

GOH HIROSE, Artist and Entrepreneur, Investment and Relations in BNP Paribas Cardif, talks about new Fintech trends and corporate innovation after Covid-19

Episode 5

Scott Throwbridge

Scott Trowbridge, @WeWork Fintech Blockchain Labs Manager, talks about new Fintech perspectives and startup ecosystem after Covid-19

Episode 6

Eamonn Carey

Eamonn Carey, @techstars talks about the new Startup ecosystem and Techstars programs