Hackathons / Ideathons

Open innovation models with 100 or more people, where they work on a challenge that you want to tackle.

Let's Design Your Program


Together with you, we select the challenges and problems in accordance with the strategic needs and priorities of the industry. In order to make it easier to deploy solutions APIs for specific verticals to be opened for participants during the event. 

If you are not planning to give APIs, similar challenges could be delivered in an Ideathon form as well.

For at least 3-4 weeks Hackquarters opens applications and scouts suitable participants for Hackathon reaching out mailing via 25.000+ contact list of accelerations, universities and startups and creates an updated database of the ecosystem. Usually we receive 400+ applications for each hackathon; filtering this number up to 20-30 groups 3-4 pers each. It makes it easier to go for orientation and communication.

The program runs over several platforms, including Zoom, Discord, Typeform, Notion, WhatsApp and mailings. Teams receive briefing information and few online training sessions, including few hrs of mentorship during the next 48 hrs.

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