When you join a Hackquarters program, many things are covered. From cloud services to market access, sales tools to HR, our great partners gives the best for you to scale as quick as possible.

We are always on the look for for other partners too!

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Our Partners

Amazon Web Services

From the spark of an idea, to your first customer, to IPO and beyond, let Amazon Web Services help you build and grow your startup. $10,000 to $100,000 AWS Credits.


Omtera an Asana Partner can give you up to %20 discount on your Asana yearly fees.

Better Uptime

Better Uptime is the all-in-one infrastructure monitoring platform that combines uptime monitoring, incident management, and a public status page into a single product that doesn’t look or feel like a NASA dashboard. %50 off 2 years.

Botgate AI

Botgate AI is the most complete AI-powered Conversational Marketing, Sales & Messaging Platform to help businesses interact smarter and faster with their leads and clients. Because everything is easier with conversations. To benefit from the perks and increase your growth at ease, just apply there:


Securely share your pitch deck and fundraise with DocSend

First Republic Bank

First Republic has been doing banking differently for 30 years by focusing on meeting our clients’ unique needs, helping them to accelerate their success and to stay agile.


Omtera as Freshworks partner is giving you up to %20 discount on your Freshworks licences.


Access to the HubSpot Jumpstart Program with significant discounts!


Juro is a contract automation platform that empowers your team to create, execute and monitor routine contracts at scale without ever leaving the browser. We work with rapidly scaling companies to streamline contract workflow and gain better insight into contract data. Keep control when you’re growing like crazy and empower your team to self-serve on contracts from an in-browser interface that anyone can use.


Get a modern banking interface, with a great checking/savings account and analytics, APIs + other tools to run your startup.

Mobile Action

Mobile Action gives you access to world-class app store data that will help you compete in today's crowded marketplace.


Segment now has a special partnership with Hackquarters! Each early stage Hackquarters startups can get $50,000 in Segment credits per year. You can qualify if your company is: Less than 24 months since founding, Raised less than $5M USD

Stripe Atlas

Stripe Atlas incorporates your new company in Delaware—the industry standard for tech companies.


Uploadcare is a ready-made solution for uploading, processing, and delivering user-generated content.

Venture Studio BMB

Your market access partner for UK and Russian market


Collaboration app for UI designers and frontend developers.


Payments done with security and ease