2019 Batch for Bayer's G4A Turkey has Kicked-off

April 1, 2019

In 2018, one of our own favorite programs was Bayer's Grants4Apps Turkey program. While collaborating with 6 startups, chosen among hundreds of applications, not only we had great joy working together, but also we helped and observed those startups, like watching the lifecycle of a hatching egg.

In 2018, we accepted 6 great startups: Tion, Vivoo, PatiBuddy, Yubi, Digime3D and Pons. As we already told our followers about those 6 startups, time and time again, we won't be mentioning what they do again. But for the curious, you can watch the video below (in Turkish) to learn more.


On 1st of April, 2019, we officially launched 2019 batch of Grants4Apps Turkey, with a launch party at BayerTürk headquarters in Ümraniye, İstanbul. With attendance of BayerTürk CEO Hubert Braun, Bayer experts, Hackquarters team, Hackquarters mentors, startups from 2018 batch and newly-selected 2019 batch startups, we had a great presentation and panel.

For 2019 batch of G4A Turkey, we have chosen 4 exciting startups. MIPS, Nanomik, XRAI and Molecs. MIPS is a self-service sperm test for men and also they provide urine tests for babies, Nanomik is an agriculture-tech startup working on sustainability of crops, XRAI is a radiology startup with AI and Molecs is a advanced diagnosis company with RNA analysis.

Those chosen startups that we mentioned above will get 60K TL grants each. Also they will get the chance to work closely with Bayer experts and Hackquarters mentors for the next 100 days. Our startups will work at BayerTürk headquarters in Ümraniye for the duration and they will get mentorship from experts on not only medical related subjects, but also mentorship on all their needs, such as business development, marketing, growth etc.

Our startups will have their demo day on July, 2019. We are hoping that we will help their growth and acceleration greatly during this term.


Hackquarters Team
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