3 Month Experience At Hackquarters

August 2, 2021

Choosing a new path in your career is a tough decision. If it motivates and leads you in an enlightening way, which makes you feel that you’ve made the right decision, that’s great! In 2018, I went to Africa to set up a new life there, but in the end, things didn’t work out as I planned. In 2019 I was back in Turkey, my home country. After my experiences of short-term working in different industries, before moving abroad, I was back and looking for a fresh start in my career. 

After two months of job-hunting sessions, I got into a co-work space as Community Lead. With zero experience in that area, I was eager to learn. In three months, I learned most things about member relations, finance and sales. At the same time, I got into the startup environment with the start of my career, which made me realize that it is the best place to work besides corporate life. Gaining great experiences and getting an opportunity of great networking for business were the advantages of my fresh start. But it was also a startup. Some changes made me ask myself if this is the job I want to do and be happy with doing. A short statement, I studied public relations and advertisement willingly. There came the idea of changing my career path and starting from zero with no experience of what I studied but the passion of what I want to do. 

P.S.: Keep in mind that do not ever create a comfort zone for yourself!

I was looking out for open positions in marketing or related fields. We came across Hilal (who is my manager right now. :) ), and we had a brief talk about the open position at Hackquarters. Also, I was honest with my zero experience but my eagerness to learn. After all these interviews, I started my journey in Hackquarters on 01 March. Again, I didn't leave the startup ecosystem.

At first, I didn't know what marketing was, how it is done, how all the process works. Working with Kaan, Sabina, and Hilal is a great chance and is a continuous learning process. Thanks to their patience, even though sometimes things didn't work as nicely, they were always out there. I learned how it feels working with leaders, not bosses, and with great mentors. They are always ready to support, teach, and lead ways to encourage me through this journey.

I started and am still working as a Marketing Specialist. 

Right now, I'm controlling the social media accounts both for Hackquarters and Sustainable Growth Program. In my first month, we had the Kick-Off of the Sustainable Growth Program. It was one of the most anxious moments of my life. But with the mistakes I made, I learned a lot during the first 3-months at Hackquarters. I had no experience in Photoshop or any other tools that we use (Notion, Airtable, Canva) or in the field of design. Now, I can work on the template files in Photoshop. I can also manage social media accounts matching the calendar, creating and evolving ideas and results on the brand side. I believe that learning is an ongoing process and will never stop. 

The second exciting thing in this process was working on Personas. It was a tough one and made me go nuts a bit, but in the end, I got the idea of how it affects marketing and the whole process of business. At least, it made me realize that brand marketing is also a field for me I can work on. Thinking about a problem, creating new ideas and projects, which will be the company's milestones, is the most vital element that motivates you more. I will end talking about my journey and learning process here with Kaan's words, that become my motto: "Don't try to make huge improvements or success in a short period, it is okay if you can, but the most important thing is to achieve success in baby steps.". 

While writing this, my fifth month here is over. I can say for sure that I gained confidence in marketing. Also, I have noticed that I chose the right path to start all over again. When someone asks me what I do for a living or am happy with my career change, I made the right decision every time I think to myself and say with no regret. And I'm grateful to start my new path in a team like Hackquarters, where they always support and lead you into good. Think of a team that is friendly, sincere, supportive, and honest. That's what the Hackquarters team is like, and I am thrilled to be a part of the family! 

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