Bayer G4A 2023 Program Was Successfully Concluded

September 12, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the successful finale of the Bayer G4A 2023 Program. Bayer’s G4A 2023,  is a 100-day open innovation program for entrepreneurs who focus on growing their business in consumer health, crop science, and pharmaceuticals. The program served as a robust platform for innovation and growth, with benefits ranging from Proof of Concept (PoC) opportunities to an expansive network of over 250 mentors from 30 countries.

Program Impact: Key Numbers and Achievements

For the last six years since 2018, over 1200 startups have applied, and 38 have been selected for the program.  In addition, the program has cumulatively offered 160+ hours of specialized training, 600+ hours of mentorship, and approximately 4M₺ in Bayer Ecosystem Support. G4A Turkey has a good track record that many alumni startups raised investments and significantly improved their businesses.

For this year alone, 334 startups were screened for the program; 18 pitched their solutions to the jury, and 5 were selected for this year’s batch. An intense 24 hours of Training, over 90 hours of Mentorship, two 4-hour Wargames, and a 5-hour Market Access Program were delivered during 2023 Batch. 

The Comprehensive Journey of Startups

This year's program was a multi-faceted experience for the startups. It started with the Deep Dive Sessions, allowing the startups to assess their current challenges and needs, as well as collaboration potentials with Bayer. The startups then proceeded to meet regularly with Bayer's mentors to work collaboratively on many fronts, from fine-tuning their business models to strategizing their market entry. Financial incentives and extensive mentorship aside, the Market Access Program was a key highlight. It provided a platform for startups to liaise with representatives from various global markets like the UK, Spain, France and Singapore. The program was rounded off with a series of Success Story Sessions and an impactful Wargame, all serving as both a testament and a finale to the startup's transformative journey.

Here Are 5 Alumni Startups of This Year’s Batch:

Agrio Finans: Agrio Finance provides financial and advisory services to support the establishment of economic models that finance sustainable agriculture and promote applications with a positive impact on the climate for micro and small businesses in the agriculture and food sector.

Hekimanne: Hekimanne offers a reliable solution primarily to parents, facilitating body temperature tracking through a digital health archive with its mobile application and wearable thermometer.

Help Steps: Help Steps enables users to support non-profit organizations by donating their steps through its free mobile application with a step-counting feature while also helping brands meet their digital advertising goals.

Lua Biosciences: Lua Biosciences aims to develop technologies that facilitate early cancer diagnosis by using liquid biopsy methods to isolate and detect biomarkers specific to different cancer types, including proteins, DNA, and RNA, from body fluids such as blood and saliva.

Non Nocere: Non Nocere facilitates surgical training from both the instructor and learner perspectives by providing a suitable and cost-effective platform for surgical education that utilizes virtual reality technology, along with its virtual operating room, anatomy, and pathology laboratories.

While the Bayer G4A 2023 program has concluded, our enduring relationship with the all alumni startups continues. Through ongoing PoC work and potential partnerships, the innovation journey is far from over. For those interested in becoming a part of this transformative program, we invite you to stay engaged with us. For more information and future opportunities, visit the Bayer G4A Official Website.

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