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October 30, 2019

Interview with Marinella AndaloroPresident of Billion Team EnterpriseMentor @ TAKEOFFISTANBULThe president of the Billion Team Enterprise, Marinella Andaloro was with us at International Startup Summit Take Off İstanbul 2019. She was one of our 150+ leading rockstar mentors. During the event, Marinella has shared her vision on the blockchain industry.

Please tell us something about yourself.

I’m President of an Investments & Management Boutique Family Office based in Dubai and in Hong Kong, Billion Team Enterprise. From few years we launched our BTE Innovation Lab and, with the cooperation of our interdisciplinary team, with our BTE Alliance of professionals in different industries and with our strategic partners we are doing R&D about the technologies of the 4° industrial revolution and we focus on the applicability of blockchain technology to improve the people’s lifestyle.

You are involved in blockchain; how did you start?

We started in 2012 by chance, first in the crypto world. After that we had a project in hand that was requiring the use of a DB and the management of a certain amount of transactions that needs special features; at that moment we discovered those features in bitcoin, even with all the things I didn’t like: too volatile, no asset-backed, too much energy-consuming; and, despite those aspects we started to study the crypto world, that was also an alternative investment asset class for some of our clients (i.e.: using bitcoin as a store of value to preserve the value against hyperinflation and as method of payment at some of our Alliance corporates). Meanwhile, we were studying this phenomenon, that was born after the 2008 financial crisis, we discovered that it was more than bitcoin, it was the blockchain technology behind.

How would you explain the Blockchain to Your Grandma?

I think that, in the approaching stage, it is not important to know exactly how this tech works, as this is at the crossing of gaming theory, cryptography, computer science and as well involves economic and monetary theories. My aim, instead, is to explain which problems can be solved; how this tech, with the interoperability of the other frontier techs of the 4° industrial revolution (AI, IoT, VR, etc), maybe a game-changer in the real world for billion people. It’s not about the tech, it is about how we use the tech.

In which sector blockchain can be used?

Blockchain is an enabler distributed tech sector-agnostic, so, it can be used in many industries: from healthcare to finance, from environment & energy to agriculture, and moreover in supply chain and logistic, in education and in the training of the jobs of the future; definitively the Blockchain tech will be of impact also in art & culture and even in aerospace industry and, above all, in smart city techs.

What will be the main benefits that blockchain will bring?

Blockchain is a peer to peer, censorship-resistant, open-source tech (verifiable by everyone) that will bring to the world TRANSPARENCY, real-time data, traceability, security, immutability (tamper-proof). Blockchain is a revolution and a big opportunity that will involve everyone. NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. With Blockchain everyone will have the chance to be a gamechanger. But, what is really important is not merely making money, but creating value, having a positive impact on people’s lives. This will be the new performance index for all the entrepreneurs and for the capital market. The trend will be: Investments with an impact, giving priority to the ones matching the UN SDGs.

How an Exponential Tech May Foster The SDGs Having Social Impact?

We are in front of a paradigm shift, where a disruptive tech will impact our social life, as well will have an effect on the economic sector and on the environment. The challenge is in making sustainable this impact. We are in a transition phase toward a decentralized future.

How we can leverage the Distributed Technologies to do the good for all the People?

There are researches that state that there is more development in the countries with less corruption so there the GDP is higher, also in those countries, they invest more in education and in the public healthcare system. Using the tech as a powerful vehicle to improve government services and foster transparency in the administrative processes between government and citizen is a big challenge where governments must be pioneers.To optimize process and to have a real, faster and sustainable development for everyone, linked to the framework of the UN SDGs, in order to solve some pressing problems, governments must be at the forefront of this revolution (i.e.: blockchain solutions for Migrants, for social justice, to protect IP and for Digital Identity, fighting the counterfeiting and ensuring compliance in the SCM, eliminating the waste and the inefficiencies of bureaucracy, unalterable tamper-proof voting system, P2P energy, public bidding processes, land title registry, governance assets management and tokenization, etc), as the immutability and the censorship resistance that blockchain provides is such that this tech can be disruptive being of support to keep misuse and crime out, protecting the stakeholders and the consumers.

Where Is The Real Value?

We can see the valuable exchange between blockchain & the SDGs as it’s not about the simple economy, it’s about a new system that will bring advantages to everyone. Together with our interdisciplinary team, we will work at the intersection of innovative tech and social impact, leveraging blockchain and its convergence with the other deep techs, to solve real-world problems and the humanitarian issues.

There are some blockchain visionaries in Italy in the Public Administration sector?

Of course there are many worldwide, in Dubai, for example, they are pioneers using blockchain technology in the government systems: i.e.: land registry, logistic for custom, Dubai Chamber of Commerce Transactions, etc, and many other use cases will come as the 50% of government data and services will be on blockchain within 2021. Meanwhile in Italy, to overcome the problem of the regulamentation, blockchain is officially law from the last February 2019 with the art. 8-ter of the decreto simplification, and before than that, already on the August 2018, a visionary honorable member of the Sicily Region Parliament, Jose Marano, she presented a law (DDL 333) about the traceability and provenance of agro-food (as this is the first sector in Sicily), in order to guarantee the genuinity of the products, fighting the Italian sounding and avoid contamination and counterfeiting goods in the supply chain management.Another sample that I would like to bring here is about the project VOTING ON BLOCKCHAIN of NAPLE CITY that is in an experimental phase, where the mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistris gathered a task force with Tommaso Coppola as responsible for the Voting project and representative for the Association Cultura Digitale.I imagine a land tamper-proof and these two examples that coming from the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies are promising innovations arising from visionary people into the PA and for sure those will be at the beginning of the revolution that will bring efficiency and transparency in the relation between government and the citizens, in a path toward a country without corruption.

What will happen after that?

Of course, new business models for goodwill emerge, as blockchain is an exponential human-centric tech, that has the potential to be a cultural paradigm shift becoming a powerful weapon of democracy, disrupting old fashion industries and driving a massive socio-economic impact in order to address the current challenging times.

Where is the link between blockchain and the startups ecosystem?

I believe in the startups vibrant ecosystem, as this is the most suitable environment to be a game-changer providing “glocal” sustainable tech solutions, being moreover, able to attract and retain talents, and the Take Off Istanbul Summit Organization did a great job gathering the excellences in the techs industries, and my advice for them is to be always open mind in order to be at the forefront of the innovations and to be ahead of the competition; and blockchain can help to do that, adding value to their business. Even if a startup will not implement blockchain in their business model now, I think it’s time to understand how Blockchain will affect the sustainability of their business, because if they don’t, their competitors will.

Last question, why the name of your boutique family office is Billion Team Enterprise?

Because we have the ambition to give a positive impact on the billions of people's lives.

Hackquarters Team
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