Build a Stellar Personal Brand with .TECH Domains

June 25, 2018

The word ‘brand’ has long been associated with multinational corporations and lifestyle products. But in the connected world of technology and social media, every individual is a brand. So, how do you go about building an impressive personal brand that will stand the test of time? Well, that's what you are about to find out. When it comes to building a personal brand, most people think of it in terms of numbers, such as Twitter and Instagram followers, Facebook likes, YouTube subscribers. Etc. However, a truly meaningful personal brand isn’t about the numbers as much as it is about being memorable and relevant in your niche. This means that creating a personal brand for tech professionals should focus on infusing relevant expertise and thought leadership that resonates with the tech industry. The road to successful personal branding begins with creating a brandable online presence that is consistent everywhere. For tech professionals, this translates into choosing the same username that can become their identity across platforms such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, Twitter, Blog, Website, etc. For example, datulab.TECH is a personal website owned by David who is better known as DatulabTech on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube with 7k+ subscribers. The very first line on his website says, “You may know me as Datulab Tech from YouTube or somewhere else on the internet.” This is a powerful statement which indicates an all encompassing personal brand of a tech professional. David has used his username DatulabTech to be his website address too by choosing a .TECH domain. This has helped him bring in consistency on every platform.

Benefits of .TECH domains in personal branding:

The key benefits of any new domain extension are two - availability of your desirable domain name and brandability. Since .TECH is the most suitable and intuitive domain extension for tech professionals such as you, it offers a great opportunity to build a personal brand that is easily recognizable and memorable.Here’s how .TECH domains help you to choose a name that boosts your personal brand:

  1. Relevant: A .TECH domain extension is unambiguous and is relevant to the technology industry. Catherine J. Reichling uses Catherine.TECH to talk about her love for design research.
  2. Memorable: With higher chances of finding the name of your choice, it is easier for you to craft a smart name that is easy to remember. In fact, you can find a domain name with your first name or first name and last name on .TECH. For example, technology professional and tech community builder Jessica Rose uses Jessica.TECH as her online identity. Speaking about her domain, Jessica says, “Having a novel, easy to remember and decidedly brandable domain name has made it so much easier to drive traffic to my site and promote my projects.”
  3. Unique: Break stereotypes to pique the interest of people who come across your web address. Speaking of interesting web addresses’, Jeremy Schifeling’s BreakInto.TECH is a website that helps young tech minds to build a career in technology and ‘break into tech’. Pretty cool, right?
  4. Short: A .TECH domain clearly specifies your core competence and so you can pick a short, uncluttered name that clearly establishes your brand with having to include words such as ‘technology solutions or IT’. Anyone Home Inc’s CTO, Mitch Moody, uses LeadTheWay.TECH as a fitting message to direct people to his LinkedIn page and connect with him.

All you need to do is simply prattle off your new web address to people and be sure that they will surely remember it the next time you interact with them! So, invest in a .TECH domain name that empowers your digital presence.

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