Covid-19 Transforming Sales and Communication Strategy

March 31, 2020

As humanity, we are going through a very difficult period. The Covid-19 spread to many regions of the world, causing a very serious health crisis. Many companies have been directly impacted by this crisis. Economic impact started as a result of the global virus severely affecting many companies, especially small enterprises. It’s not only about how startups and companies are reshaping their sales and communication with clients. More often sit's about how these survive due to a decrease in sales and shutdown of manufacture.As part of the Sustainable Growth Program, we organized an online training session by Evren Gülyaşar on 23 March 2020. Evren Gülyaşar is a Geometry Istanbul Head of Digital Commerce and Communication and Communication Mentor at Hackquarters. During the session, we discussed the change in sales and communication strategy in companies and startups during this period. The training session was designed to address changing customer journey and customer behavior.Here are our 4 takeaways of the training session by Evren Gülyaşar

1- Life Continues, Though #stayathome

As one of the most important measures to prevent the spread of the virus pandemic is staying at home. Many countries have made some regulations on this issue so far. This situation causes people to continue their lives and work from home for a while. Due to the lockdown, we are now working remotely from home, more likely to meet with our friends and prefer shopping online. As our needs and expectations have undoubtedly changed, it is very important for companies to reshape their communication and marketing strategies by considering these sudden changes in the lifestyle of the customers and clients.

2- Change is Inevitable

This crisis will surely be left behind one day and we will remember these days as a bad memory. However, while this experience enables us to realize the importance of certain things, it can change our way of living and working permanently. Today, many companies are forced to operate remotely. Although this may be scary at first, perhaps after all these days remote work might seem more efficient. On the other hand, people will be more adapt to this online lifestyle.

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— Bud Light (@budlight) March 21, 2020

3- COVID-19 Affecting PR Activities

COVID-19 is a very sensitive subject that makes people nervous. Now, most of the agenda and social media stream is related to the coronavirus. In this regard, the communication that brands establish with their target audience must be reshaped. Social distancing which becomes of the most effective precocious measures in the society has been used by many brands to support people and motivate them to stay at home. Here are some cool examples:

4- Do's & Don'ts During COVID-19

Adopting a changing lifestyle and emotional condition due to the coronavirus, big and small enterprises are forced to reshape their communication strategies. Continuing to communicate as if nothing has happened is definitely not the right strategy. Therefore, it will be the best strategy to make your audience feel that the company is sharing their concerns and supporting clients and customers during this difficult period.

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