Embracing the Future of Fintech Highlights from the Visa Innovation Program Europe 2024

February 29, 2024
In a series of inspiring meetups across Turkey, Italy, Spain, and an engaging online session, the Visa Innovation Program Europe once again demonstrated its pivotal role in shaping the fintech landscape of tomorrow. These gatherings marked a significant milestone in our continuous innovation, collaboration, and transformation journey..


A New Chapter in Fintech Innovation

Since its inception, the Visa Innovation Program Europe has been at the forefront of fostering groundbreaking fintech solutions. With over 900 fintech companies applying since 2018, the program has become a cornerstone for startups eager to revolutionize payment and commerce experiences. The 2024 edition, focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Finance, Money Movement Flows, and creating a Sustainable and Inclusive Future, has opened new avenues for fintechs to enhance their propositions and collaborate within Visa’s extensive network.


Engaging Meetups Across Europe  

The Visa Innovation Program Europe 2024 meetups were vibrant showcases of innovation, bringing together fintech pioneers across Turkey, Spain, Italy, and an engaging online community. Each meetup was a unique confluence of ideas, insights, and inspiration, driven by the collective passion of industry experts, program alumni, and eager participants.

Turkey: Innovate & Elevate: Pioneering the Future of Fintech Payments

In Turkey, the Visa Innovation Program Europe 2024 meetup was an electrifying event that brought together the minds driving the future of finance on 7 February 2024. The session began with insightful opening remarks that set the stage for deep dives into the program's opportunities and challenges. A key highlight was the panel discussion titled "Collaborating for Innovation: Insights from Visa Innovation Program Europe Alumni," featuring dynamic exchanges of ideas among fintech leaders. This included insights from Melihcan Yücel, Senior Business Development Manager at Visa, who moderated discussions with innovative pioneers like Hakan Erdoğan, Co-founder and CEO at Craftgate, Deniz Okumuş, Founder and CEO at Abonesepeti, and Metin Karabiber, Founder and CEO at Enqura, sharing their collaborative experiences and growth within the fintech ecosystem. The energy and curiosity of all participants made the event a melting pot of innovative ideas and collaborative spirit, setting a high bar for future fintech innovation in Turkey.


Spain: Elevating Fintech: Exploring Visa Innovation Program Spain & Portugal Edition

The Spanish meetup on 15 February 2024 resonated with the spirit of innovation from the get-go, with Eva Ruiz, Southern Europe Head of Fintech at Visa, setting an inspiring tone. Kaan Akın from Hackquarters shared the 2024 program's core values, guiding the audience through the vision that underpins our collective journey. The Fireside Chat with Program Alumni, featuring the insightful Germán Lahera, Co-founder & CEO at Dedomena AI, was a highlight, offering a deep dive into the transformative experiences within the program. This session illuminated the path for future fintech leaders and fostered a sense of community and mutual growth among all who attended.


Italy: Innovate & Accelerate: Visa Innovation Program Fintech Journey

Italy's meetup on 13 February 2024 celebrated the past, present, and future of fintech innovation. Filippo Manca, Fintech and Digital Partnerships BD Director Italy at Visa, and Clelia Tosi, Head of Fintech District, welcomed the audience with opening speeches that perfectly encapsulated the essence of the fintech revolution. The spotlight shifted to the Fireside Chat with Program Alumni, where Guido Ferrari, Co-Founder & Director at Fairtile, shared his journey and insights, bridging past achievements with future ambitions. Sabina Babayeva, COO at Hackquarters by Tenity, presented the VIPE 2024 Program Values, further enriching the dialogue and setting the stage for a networking session that buzzed with conversations about possibilities, challenges, and the road ahead.


A Gateway of the Fintech World: Visa Innovation Program Europe Vision and Values

On 28 February 2024, The online meetup of the Visa Innovation Program Europe 2024 connected fintech founders globally, emphasizing AI, Next-gen Payment Experiences, among other areas. Eva Ruiz, Southern Europe Head of Fintech at Visa, set the stage, followed by Melihcan Yücel, Senior Business Development Manager at Visa, who delved into the program's benefits. The highlight was a fireside chat with alumni like Eliad Saporta, Founder & CEO at Coriunder, Michael Galvin, Cofounder & CCO at Toqio, and Hüseyin Mert, CEO at Mono Payments, sharing insights on navigating the program's challenges and opportunities. This session displayed the program's role in creating a supportive ecosystem for fintechs to thrive globally.

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These meetups, each marked by the wisdom and experiences of distinguished speakers and alumni, were more than just events; they were catalysts for innovation and collaboration. They highlighted the Visa Innovation Program Europe's unwavering commitment to fostering an ecosystem where fintechs can flourish. As we reflect on the insights shared and the connections made, we look forward to this vibrant community's continued growth and evolution. Here is to the future we are building together in the world of fintech.  

Unveiling the 2024 Program

The 2024 Visa Innovation Program Europe aims to further empower fintechs to address the challenges of tomorrow, with a strong emphasis on AI, next-gen payment experiences, and sustainable solutions. Attendees had the unique opportunity to hear firsthand from program alumni about their transformative journeys and the tangible benefits of participating in this equity-free, pilot-centered partnership platform.


A Future Paved with Collaborations

The success of these meetups and the ongoing applications underscore the vibrant potential for fintechs to innovate and scale. With 64 collaborations already signed, the program continues to be a beacon for startups looking to make a significant impact in the fintech world.


As we look forward to more success stories and innovations, we invite fintech founders and enthusiasts to join this thriving ecosystem. Whether you are seeking to enhance your product offerings or explore new collaboration horizons, the Visa Innovation Program Europe is your gateway to the future of fintech.


Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities by following Hackquarters by Tenity and Visa Innovation Program Europe on our official channels. Together, let us shape a smarter, more sustainable fintech future.

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