Empowering Healthtech: Bayer G4A 2023 Launched with 5 Pioneering Startups

May 26, 2023

Bayer G4A 2023 - is a 100-day open innovation program for entrepreneurs who focus on growing their business in consumer health, crop science, and pharmaceutical sector. The program is all set to bring significant benefits to startups. These include Proof of Concept (POC) and partnership opportunities within Bayer's global network, access to more than 250 mentors from 30 countries, and startup perks worth up to $300,000. Two of the selected startups will receive a ₺200,000 grant. Furthermore, the startups also will gain valuable insights into new markets, access to funding and VC, connections with global partners and accelerators, and a robust mentorship structure.

Bayer G4A 2023 officially started on 17 May 2023 with an onboarding event. Ömer İkiz, Program Manager at Hackquarters, set the stage with a warm, welcoming speech, outlining the role of Hackquarters and the tangible benefits that the selected startups could expect to receive.

Next, Zeynep Yıldırım, the Program Specialist at Hackquarters, delved into the program's specifics. Her talk provided a detailed roadmap of the program's processes, setting clear expectations for the startups and preparing them for the journey ahead.

Following this, Melis Soylu, the Communications Business Partner CS, Channels & Amplification, and G4A Program Manager at Bayer Turkey, took center stage. She underscored the significance of the Bayer G4A Program, reiterating the welcome to the selected startups and highlighting the numerous benefits they would receive throughout the program's duration.

The mentors came next, sharing their industry experiences and enthusiasm for the program. Their insights served as an invaluable resource for the startups, painting a picture of what they could expect and how they could maximize their engagement with the program.

Finally, each startup stepped into the spotlight to introduce themselves and their product propositions.

This year, Program team screened 334 startups, with 18 in the pipeline and 5 selected for the program.

Since 2018, Bayer G4A has received over 1200 applications, 38 selected to the program, and provided over 130 hours of training along with 500+ mentorship sessions. The program has also facilitated approximately ₺3 million of Bayer ecosystem support.

Meet the selected startups for Bayer G4A 2023:

Agrio Finans: Agrio Finance provides financial and advisory services to support the establishment of economic models that finance sustainable agriculture and promote applications with a positive impact on the climate for micro and small businesses in the agriculture and food sector.

Hekimanne: Hekimanne offers a reliable solution primarily to parents, facilitating body temperature tracking through a digital health archive with its mobile application and wearable thermometer.

Help Steps: Help Steps enables users to support non-profit organizations by donating their steps through its free mobile application with a step-counting feature while also helping brands meet their digital advertising goals.

Lua Biosciences: Lua Biosciences aims to develop technologies that facilitate early cancer diagnosis by using liquid biopsy methods to isolate and detect biomarkers specific to different cancer types, including proteins, DNA, and RNA, from body fluids such as blood and saliva.

Non Nocere: Non Nocere facilitates surgical training from both the instructor and learner perspectives by providing a suitable and cost-effective platform for surgical education that utilizes virtual reality technology, along with its virtual operating room, anatomy, and pathology laboratories.

Let's look forward to the transformative solutions these startups will bring to the fore in #consumerhealth, #cropscience, and #pharmaceuticals.

Congratulations to all the startups on their selection!

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