HackZone Scale Up Accelerator | Transforming Insurtech with Allianz Türkiye

November 3, 2023

In 2021, it was a super exciting experience launching the HackZone Scale Up Accelerator Program in partnership with Allianz Turkey. We have received 87 startup applications, with 14 startups in the pipeline. 5 startups were accepted to the program, where they had a chance to access Allianz APIs to work on new products with Allianz and create new customer experiences. 88 mentorship hours given by 40+ mentors and 20-hour training sessions gave startups a significant opportunity to benefit from the experiences and know-how of Allianz professionals. In addition, since 2020, we screened 336 startups, 52 out of them in the pipeline, and 32 were selected for the programs. In total, the investment amount reached over $4.9 million.

Announcing this year’s HackZone Scale Up Accelerator Program for Allianz Türkiye

We are thrilled to announce the HackZone Scale Up Accelerator Program for Allianz Türkiye. This accelerator program is a 6-month program for growing and scale-up startups aiming to grow their businesses, providing a global competitive advantage.

Why We Are Doing This

In an era of rapid technological advancement, startups are pivotal in creating innovative solutions that shape industries. The unique program gives an opportunity to growing startups in 6 months to advance and scale up their businesses. Startups will have the chance to:

  • Explore and Integrate existing Allianz APIs
  • Create Innovative Ideas Focused on the Insurance Industry
  • Discover Innovative Business Models
  • Create New Customer Experiences

Who Should Apply?

We are looking for startups that meet the following criteria:

  • Market-Tested Solutions: Your startup should have a market-tested solution suitable for one or more Program Challenges.
  • Operational Capacity: Startups should be at a growing/scale-up stage and possess sufficient technical and operational capacity to grow globally.
  • Financial Stability: Startups with an annual turnover of at least 500,000 TL and/or have raised an investment of 1,000,000 TL or more.

What We're Looking For

This year, we're channeling our energy into three major areas that are shaking up the insurance landscape: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Gamification, and Combating Climate Change. We're searching for startups with groundbreaking ideas that can redefine the insurance industry's future.

AI & Machine Learning 

-Generative AI

-Achieving operational excellence in insurance processes

-Increasing customer satisfaction


-Increasing activity on the Allianz mobile app.

-Exploring opportunities to enhance customer loyalty

‍-Creating a bond between the insurance sector and the younger population

Combating Climate Change

-Prevention and measurement of climate change impacts (physical, financial, health, agriculture, etc.)

-Managing damages caused by climate change and reducing its effects (physical, financial, health, material, agriculture, etc.)

Accelerate to Innovate: HackZone's Journey Begins

To raise more awareness for the Insurtech and Hackzone Scale Up Acceleration Program in the Turkish ecosystem, we organized an Online Meetup on 3 November. The event commenced with Kaan Akın, CEO and Founder of Hackquarters, warmly welcoming attendees and laying out the details of the HackZone Scale-Up Program. Following him, Erdem Sağlamer, Customer Experience Director at Allianz Türkiye, expressed Allianz's commitment to fostering a culture of innovation centered around their customers' needs.

During the panel titled "Innovating for the Future: Allianz's Role in Fostering InsurTech Ecosystems," Kaan Akın, CEO of Hackquarters, and Kaan Toker, COO at Allianz Türkiye, engaged in a forward-looking dialogue. They focused on the evolution of the InsurTech landscape and Allianz Türkiye's strategic collaborations with tech startups over the past several years.

The discussion also touched upon the significant role of AI and Machine Learning, as these technologies are no longer futuristic concepts but current tools driving innovation in the insurance sector. The speakers emphasized Allianz Türkiye's keen interest in startups specializing in these areas.

After the panel, The Fireside Chat titled "Driving Innovation in InsurTech: Scaling Through PoC" highlighted the nuanced dynamics between Allianz Türkiye's departments and startups. Speakers Hümeyra Boztunç, Burcu Aykut Bekar, Berna Özdemir, and Ceyhan Demir engaged in a rich discussion about Allianz Türkiye's integral strategy that supports an innovative culture. The conversation underscored the strategic vision that guides Allianz's collaborations with startups. It explored the transformative power of AI & Machine Learning, Allianz's dedication to addressing climate change, and the potential of gamification to engage and innovate. Lastly,  the event concluded with A lively Q&A session with Kaan Akın and Hümeyra Boztunç. You can watch full record of the event on our YouTube Channel.

Suppose you are a startup looking to scale up and significantly impact the insurance industry. In that case, the HackZone Scale Up Accelerator Program for Allianz Türkiye offers you the platform and resources to do so. Don't miss this chance to grow, innovate, and disrupt.

Applications are open until 7 November 2023. Apply Now via this link. For more details, please visit the official website

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