Healthtech and Insurtech Startups in the New Normal: NN Startup Challenge

August 26, 2020

When healthtech meets insurance is the most recent startup challenge of Hackquarters in the partnership with NN Hayat ve Emeklilik. Online Startup Challenge is an innovation program in healthtech and insurtech aiming to enrich value proposition which will facilitate the increase of customer engagement. 11 startups were selected among 110+ applicants from 30 countries; the most innovative solutions in these verticals and entrepreneurs were meticulously analyzed by the jury: Didem Özsoy Dirican, Deputy CEO of NN Hayat ve Emeklilik, Gökçen Süer, Chairman at OMEGA Financial Investments & Consultancy Co., Hong-Wha Ling, CHRO of NN Hayat ve Emeklilik, Metin Gül, COO & CIO of NN Hayat ve Emeklilik, Oskar Kemperman, Head of Global Proposition Selfcare of NN, Okan Utkueri, Senior Executive in Insurance and Ufuk Tarhan, Futurist, Economist & Author.The event started with the introduction speech of Hackquarters’ Kaan Akın, then welcoming speech of NN Turkey’s Didem Özsoy Dirican, Keynote by NN Group’s Willem Schüngel, 11 Startup Pitches and Fireside Chat by ACT Venture Partners’ Erhan Kılıçözlü, Ufuk Tarhan, and GSK’s Emin Fadıllıoğlu.

Here are the startups that pitched:

Albert HealthAlbert is a voice-based health assistant that helps patients to manage their medications and have virtual doctor visits. A unique competitive advantage is voice command.Auto Train BrainHealth device that helps to improve symptoms of dyslexia, autism, and Alzheimer's at home.AvokadioBreath analysis for detecting nutritional deficiencies for self-care, wellness, and preventing chronic illnesses. DezzexDezzex is an AI-powered startup building the most advanced contactless telemedicine solution for the healthcare sector. EnbiosisEnbiosis Biotechnology is a company that aims to produce AI-driven next-generation bioengineering/biotechnology solutions to improve human health and quality of life by using microbial organisms forming a symbiotic life with the human body.HealbeHealbe is a world’s first smart band that automatically tracks calorie intake, hydration, stress levels, and 30+ more metrics, all in real-time.MoovbuddyAn exercise app for physical well being. Relieve pain, correct posture, and stay healthy with MoovBuddy App. Ortus4COrtus4C is a platform that creates customized communication channels including chat, video conference, chatbot, social media integration modules.TelemedicoTelemedico is disrupting global medical services provision for insurance and assistance companies with top-notch AI & telemedicine services, providing medical teleconsultations that enable 24-hour access to doctors and specialists. VirtuleapVR brain training games designed to help increase attention levels, and address cognitive illnesses, disorders, and learning challenges. VivooA new technology that analyzes your urine and provides nutrition and lifestyle advice, unique to your body in just seconds.

The winners of the Startup Challenge who gained the chance to partner with NN are:

  • 1st Winner: Enbiosis
  • 2nd Winner: Albert
  • 3rd Winner: Vivoo

Special Prizes:

  • Healbe
  • AutoTrainBrain

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