How to Apply B2B Marketing on LinkedIn

November 10, 2021

LinkedIn is a professional network where many business people, entrepreneurs, and organizations interact with each other. B2B businesses give invaluable opportunities to reach out to your buyer persona and create engagement. However, most of the LinkedIn content is cringy. There are a lot of outbound & spam mails sent by salespeople who do not know how to use the platform effectively, and these can sometimes make LinkedIn a very tumultuous space. However, if you use LinkedIn effectively, you can create a considerable amount of engagement for your B2B business. Here are some insights we’ve compiled on using the platform more efficiently and achieving an excellent engagement level benefitting from the platform’s true potential.

Post Regularly

LinkedIn prioritizes "dwell time" on feed posts, so the more time individuals spend reading your content, the more LinkedIn will promote them. Attract readers to click the "see more..." button. Create a post with a hook placed before "see more..." and space the text out line by line. Lengthier posts typically perform better. Ask a question or include a call to action after the message if you can. Ideally, you shouldn’t use any external links, but if you have to, include two at most. It’s better to leave links in the comments or update your article to add the link after sharing. Try to limit hashtags between 3 to 5, and choose hashtags with a vast following that your buyer persona would seek out. Shared posts do not perform well, so try to stick with an original. Keep in mind; videos tend to perform worse than text posts. Always like and respond to comments on your posts.

Giveaway on linkedin

Do Giveaways

Think about what you can give away that’s connected to a problem you solve.
Come up with “gifts” that link to your expertise or service. Give away something that people would pay for, for free, so it’s worth their while. They might end up asking questions, signing up to your website or newsletter, sharing your product, or simply thank you. Those who express gratitude can become unofficial ambassadors by promoting you to others. 

Build a Decent Network

When adding individuals, we don’t recommend that you include messages. Most people will accept you based on your profile, not your message. Only go for it if you can compose a good, personalized message. Generally, the return on investment isn't there. Try to add people who fit your buyer persona. Also, leave intelligent comments on posts of people in your business who have a lot of followers. You can also "follow" people and interact with their material. Interaction is an excellent method to establish a genuine relationship. 

Avoid Outbound Stuff

Timelines have irritating posts, and inboxes flow with pitch after pitch. Please don’t pitch to someone you've just connected with. It's just the wrong way to begin the business. If you want to send someone a message, make it personal or give them something of value without asking for anything in return. Make strategic moves that will benefit you in the long run.

Try the search feature in LinkedIn Sales Navigator; it might be worth your money. 

A Nice Trick

Make your profile public so that people get a sense of who you are when you visit their profile. Spark curiosity so that they will want to see who this “Founder (etc.)” is. With a complete profile setup, you can turn LinkedIn into your website's top referral source.

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