How to Create a Compelling Start-up Story

May 6, 2020

A good story connects you to your audience. Most start-ups arise by telling good stories that resonate with the consumer and the market. A good communications strategy allows a brand to tell its story most effectively. If you have a start-up, then a good story is what you need to get to your targeted audience. But, how do you pull off this story and get it right? We have the answer to that question ready. Join us as we take you through 5 ways to create compelling start-up stories for your brand.

1. Keep Your Story Simple

There is a quote that says, simplicity is the key to good expression. Well, for your audience to understand your message, it needs to understand your story. People do not love it when someone talks a lot or when they have to read long texts. Avoid making your story longer than it was expected. If you can, use the fewest words possible as you subtly chip in pieces of your brand. People need to know who you are and why you are essential.

2. Speak to the heart of your audience

[lead]Once, motivational speaker, salesman, and famous author Zig Ziglar said that people never buy due to logical reasons but because of emotional reasons. Think of the term retail therapy, that someone goes shopping when they feel stressed, angry, or overwhelmed. Emotion is strong, and any start-up, no matter the difference it wishes to make, needs to know that it has to speak to the heart of its audiences. Only then can it succeed. Your story can make a hell of a difference when you ask yourself the questions below:[/lead]

  • Why you started the company?
  • What difference do you want to make in the lives of customers?
  • What do you intend to achieve?
  • What inspires you??

3. Learn from the best

Airbnb, Goodlife Fitness, among other brands winning through compelling stories are an example to copy. Today, you cannot put a price on their achievements. Humble beginning inspired the creation of these success stories. A good introduction often leads to a good continuation of the story. Take, for instance, the creation of Airbnb by Chesky and colleagues. At the start, a lot of focus was on telling how the idea of Airbnb started. Today, Airbnb has given power to the customer. They have let the customer say how they feel about the brand. Take charge at the beginning in the right way and give control to the consumer later.

4. Pay attention to quality

Joel Spolsky, Stack Exchange Co-founder, once said that nothing would work best for your company than improving your product. Because you already believe your product is right for your consumer, then your story needs to be just as good. There are things that make stories compelling. The story needs to have the qualities below:[/lead]

  • Connect: The introduction appeals to emotion and attracts
  • Challenge: The body talks about the problem the audience experiences
  • Conflict: The story needs to motivate the audience to decide by making the problem worth solving
  • Conquer: The message in the story has to breathe hope
  • Conclude: The story needs to end positively

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5. Use videos to tell the story

According to Hubspot, videos are the third most viewed piece of content online after social media posts and news articles. Your stories should be deliverable not just as texts but as videos as well. People love watching videos, and that is why YouTube remains one of the most fabulous creations of all time. A video is like a sales team. The only difference is that it never rests. The customer presses the button, and they are in.

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