How to Write Great Blogs Part III: How to Choose the Right Images

March 20, 2018

Click here for second part of "How to Write Great Blogs": How to Get Attention with the TitleChoosing the featured image in your content is one of the key ways to get people to read it. The image might be the slight difference between getting ignored on social media feed or getting a click-through. Think about your content, posted on social media, or somehow getting seen on Google Search results at AMP. This even applies for the YouTube content you create.[caption id="attachment_1865" align="aligncenter" width="652"]

Good thumbnail can make a big difference in your results.[/caption]

People > Objects

People look for people on the internet; that's rule #1. What I mean by that is people tend to click on images of other people. This is not an assumption of mine: thankfully, there are people on the internet who research these kind of things. So, rather than using a thumbnail image including just a wearable technology device, pick one with people in it. Someone holding or wearing a smartwatch is much more attractive than clear smartwatch photo with white background.If you expect people to click your content on your website for example, you can create little tricks. I was working for a tech-news website and I found a way to watermark my images while giving people info about content and I didn't use any website logo or traditional watermark for it. I put an orange rectangle on every image and wrote a few words describing content on it. That worked perfectly. Even if people stole my content from website, they usually used my image with that watermark on it. Also visitors' click-through-rate from our main page slider improved significantly.

Find Optimum Image Density in Content by Testing Variations

After choosing the right featured image that will sell your content, you also need to use a few more inside the content. If you just use one image in your content, people will eventually get lost or bored after reading a few paragraphs.When I was reading Dan Brown's famous novel Da Vinci Code, I did a lot of research about the paintings, sculptures etc. By doing this i felt like i was living that adventure. And while watching the movie I felt like I've been to all those places mentioned and I saw each and every art mentioned in the book. This also applies while reading a content, but if you don't have hardcore fans yet, you need to give them that research on a plate. If you mention a wearable technology device, you also need to give people an idea what it looks like.While choosing in-content images for your article, you dont have to choose images with people in it, but still that is better than using still images with white background and just an item. Try to find images with action, try to give people the idea what that is good for. Especially if you are writing about a new "thing" that most people have no idea about, use as much images as you can. Make them understand what you are talking about.

Captions are Vital

After you place your images inside the content, write a few sentences on what these images about. Those little explanations are called "captions". So even if some people do not read your content but want to have an idea what you are talking about, they might just read those sentences. And maybe after that they might be more interested in your content.Images are key to preparing a readable content.Click here for fourth part of "How to Write Great Blogs": Capture Attention & Importance of Research

How To Write Great Blogs

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