Introducing the Game-Changers: Visa Innovation Program Europe Italy Edition 2023 Selected Fintechs

June 23, 2023

The Visa Innovation Program Europe is a partnership platform for fintech companies and Visa clients across Southern Europe. This program empowers fintechs to tackle tomorrow's payment and commerce challenges while enhancing their product propositions and delivering visionary solutions for Visa's vast network of partners. Selected fintech companies in the Visa Innovation Program Europe can look forward to scaling opportunities and partnerships with Visa and Visa’s network, customized mentoring, perks worth more than $300,000, and opportunities to expand their businesses worldwide.

The Visa Innovation Program Meetup: Powering Italy's Fintech Revolution occurred on 30 March 2023 as part of the Visa Innovation Program Europe. It brought together Italian fintech ecosystem leaders and innovators, offering a platform to discuss current trends, innovations, and future expectations in the payment industry. The goal was to help build a strong global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, partners, and company executives, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

At Visa Innovation Program Europe Italy Edition, we're proud to collaborate with Talent Garden, Europe's leading digital skills academy, which helps empower people and organizations through transformative experiences. 

This year, the Visa Innovation Program Europe received an impressive 285 applications from 36 countries, with 74 applications from Italy. After a rigorous selection process, we're excited to announce 10 of them shortlisted, and 6 fintechs selected for the program.

The Visa Innovation Program Europe Italy Edition Kick-off Event on 18 May 2023 was an exciting gathering that set the stage for transformative innovation. Attendees were welcomed by Kaan Akın of Hackquarters, and introduced to the esteemed Visa team, including Luca Airoldi, Luca Moroni, Filippo Manca, Melihcan Yücel, and Andrea Zamboni. Sabina Babayeva of Hackquarters provided a comprehensive VIPE agenda and process overview. Selected fintechs for 2023 showcased their groundbreaking solutions, inspiring the audience with their potential. Engaging Q&A sessions sparked insightful discussions, while the networking session facilitated valuable connections and collaborations. The event marked the beginning of an exciting journey, empowering fintech entrepreneurs to shape the future of payments and commerce within the European landscape.

Meet the fintechs selected for  Visa Innovation Program Europe Italy Edition:

CashDirector: CashDirector is a Business Digital Assistant for MSMEs, helping them save time in their daily administrative and financial tasks and manage their cash flow. 

Conio is a digital assets custody and management provider with a patented fund recovery system and aims to be the most trusted company by financial institutions and enterprises.

Credit Intelligence and Automation Platform leveraging AI technologies to generate insights and automate actions using device data and other sources to unlock new business value and customer experience.

Anti-fraud and digital onboarding services for KYC and AML identification and acquisition, digitizing remote and face-to-face onboarding processes.

STEP 4 Business
STEP 4 Business is a global digital challenger for SMEs that utilizes open banking, open finance, and IT competitive advantages to provide a unique user experience.

: VOICEME is a secure customer authentication platform that uses voice recognition and 5 other factors, including payment, document signing, access control, and identity confirmation. 

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