Launching Workup4Future for Sustainable Future

December 22, 2023

The Workup4Future program powered by Türkiye İş Bankası and GİRVAK and managed by Hackquarters commenced on 21 December 2023 and brought in a fresh batch of 7 innovative startups.

This social impact entrepreneurship program aims to support startups developing innovative solutions within the Sustainable Development Goals framework. Focused on areas like disaster technologies, environmental sustainability, social inequalities, clean energy, waste management, and social service technologies, the program has handpicked seven startups that use smart technologies to enhance efficiency, protect nature, and contribute to climate actions.

The Benefits: Why Workup4Future Stands Out

Selected startups are in for a transformative four-month journey enriched with expert mentorship, hands-on workshops, inspirational events, and intensive training sessions. The program opens doors to vast development opportunities, including access to Türkiye İş Bankası's funds, investor meetings, and international market exposure. Leveraging the extensive networks of GİRVAK in the public and private sectors and Hackquarters' global corporate companies, mentors, and investment networks, these startups are set to make impactful strides.

The program started with the onboarding meeting on 21 December. It provided a platform for the selected startups to get detailed insights into the program's process and to forge valuable connections, setting the stage for future collaborations and growth.

We screened 182 startups, each showcasing unique and innovative solutions. From this impressive pool, 24 were shortlisted for further evaluation. The process became even more selective, with a jury reviewing 10 promising startups. Ultimately, we selected 7 exceptional startups that stood out for their potential to drive significant change and innovation. 

Here are 7 selected startups:

Binamod: develops technologies that collect and analyze data from buildings. These technologies are used in various fields, including seismic risk prioritization, damage assessment, disaster management.

VerdantWave: produces durable biocomposite polymers by upcycling biomass waste with high carbon content to reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics.

WorkyBe: is an AI-powered universal sustainability platform to increase energy, asset, and team efficiency. By integrating predictive analytics and digital process management in a single platform, WorkyBe helps companies consume resources efficiently, decrease costs and emissions, and reach sustainability goals.

Some Carbon: is an industry-integrated R&D company that enables the conversion of industrial carbon dioxide emissions into green fuels.

From Your Eyes: Advancing AI-driven visual experiences from human to machine perspectives.

Swatchloop: Waste management platform that digitalizes textile waste and makes recycling processes traceable and sustainable.

Waste Log: It is a mobile application that brings together source-separated waste with licensed collection companies and also serves as a digital solution partner for brands in their sustainability projects.

Workup4Future is not just a program; it's a movement towards a sustainable future powered by innovation and driven by impact. Be a part of this journey to redefine how startups can contribute to the world's sustainable development goals. For more information, visit the official Workup4Future website

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