LegalTech Startup Challenge Accepting Applications Until September 15!

September 13, 2019

If you are a founder of a startup, you need to become a Swiss Army Knife, that is useful for almost anything you may need. And some topics are just scary for any founder. But legal... It is scary for any startup, company, SME or even individual doing freelancing. That's why companies like Hackquarters, with the help of their friends, provide startups in their programs with mentorship in various areas.

When you think of legaltech, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is technology related to law and law firms. But in a broader context, a lot more areas can be included in legaltech.

On 9th of October, Hackquarters will be holding LegalTech Startup Challenge at Kolektif House. But do not hesitate to apply for the event, as it is not purely for "law" startups. LegalTech Startup Challenge covers interesting areas that relate to legal technologies such as consulting, fintech, AI, machine learning, blockchain, and cross-border technology.

The event will happen in partnership with one of the best-structured law firms in the world, Baker McKenzie and their partner in Turkey, Esin Attorney Partnership. That's why we will also have great speakers from Esin Attorney Partnership, who has great experience in supporting startups in their area.

You can apply to LegalTech Startup Challenge until 15th of September. So, be quick and visit the website to get more information about the event and apply now!

Hackquarters Team
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