Meet the Selected Fintechs of The Visa Innovation Program Europe Spain and Portugal Edition

June 30, 2023

Meet the Selected Fintechs of The Visa Innovation Program Europe Spain and Portugal Edition

The Visa Innovation Program Europe is a partnership platform for fintech companies and Visa clients spanning across Southern Europe. The program empowers fintech firms to solve the payment and commerce issues of the future, strengthen their product propositions, and supply forward-thinking solutions for Visa's vast network of partners.

Selected fintechs in the Visa Innovation Program Europe gain numerous growth prospects, including the partnership with Visa and its network. They receive customized mentorship, access to over $300,000 in perks, and resources that facilitate global business expansion.

The Visa Innovation Program Europe Spain and Portugal Edition held two insightful meetups in Barcelona and Lisbon, focusing on the fintech ecosystems in Spain and Portugal. These events provided fintech founders and experts a platform to discuss current trends, share experiences, and explore future opportunities in the rapidly evolving payment industry.

The Barcelona Meetup "Spain's Fintech Landscape" took place on 28 March 2023 in collaboration with Finnovating, the first matching platform connecting 70K tech startups, corporations, and investors globally.

The Lisbon Meetup, "Building Portugal's Fintech Future" was held on 23 March 2023 in partnership with Fintech Solutions, the innovation agency dedicated to building the future of financial services by connecting financial institutions to the fintech ecosystem.

This year, the Visa Innovation Program Europe Spain and Portugal Edition has significantly impacted the fintech ecosystem, with 111 applications received from Spain and Portugal, 15 shortlisted, and 8 selected for the program.

Last year, 8 fintechs selected for the program and facilitated 7 POCs (Proof of Concepts). Participating fintechs have raised over €5 million in total investment, benefiting from more than 31 hours of mentorship and over 24 hours of training and workshops. This impressive track record highlights the program's commitment to fostering innovation and growth within the fintech sector.

The Visa Innovation Program Spain&Portugal Edition Kick-off Event on 16 May 2023 commenced with enthusiasm, gathering key players in the fintech ecosystem. Kaan Akın of Hackquarters, along with Eduardo Prieto of Visa España, extended a warm welcome to all attendees. Eva Ruiz, Gus Martinez, Jaime Cerdeira Pascual, Marta Aguirre, Melihcan Yucel, Montserrat Lerena, and Kerman Ispizua, all part of the esteemed Visa team, formed the "Dream Team" that shared their expertise and insights. Sabina Babayeva of Hackquarters provided an overview of the VIPE agenda and the program's process, setting the stage for exciting opportunities. The selected fintech companies for 2023 captivated the audience with their innovative pitches. Engaging discussions and exchanges took place during the event, fostering a collaborative environment to drive forward fintech innovation in Spain and Portugal. The kick-off event marked the beginning of a transformative journey, empowering participants to revolutionize the payment and commerce landscape in the region.

Meet the fintechs selected for  Visa Innovation Program Europe Spain and Portugal Edition:
Dedomena AI: Dedomena AI is an Artificial Intelligence company that provides data solutions for businesses by putting privacy first.

Coverflex: Coverflex is a digital platform that provides flexible compensation solutions beyond salary for companies, helping manage benefits, insurance, meal allowances, and exclusive discounts while allowing employees to customize their compensation packages.

Fraudio: Fraudio provides centralized AI-powered fraud detection solutions for the payments ecosystem, connecting merchants, payment service providers, and other players to prevent and fight fraud in real time.

Goscore: Goscore provides cross-border credit scoring solutions that promote financial inclusion, using transactional data and ML to deliver fair risk profiles and portable financial histories.

HolyWally: HolyWally is a no-code B2B white-label wallet-as-a-service platform that enables businesses to prototype and launch a payment solution for users in weeks with a modular plug-and-play partner network.

Reveni: Reveni is a platform that turns returns into a sales and loyalty lever by offering customers instant, easy, and risk-free refunds.

Toqio: Toqio is a SaaS fintech platform that enables companies to create fully branded banking and finance solutions. Toqio offers a comprehensive platform for developing innovative fintech solutions, including a customizable Marketplace of partners.

DoGood: DoGood People is a sustainability-focused startup that provides a software app for employees to practice sustainability by completing challenges related to the SDGs.

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