Promising Startups of Turkish Startup Ecosystem Owned by Women

April 1, 2019

1. Vivoo, Co-founders: Gözde Büyükacaroğlu & Miray Tayfun

Miray and Gözde started Vivoo together in September 2017. Vivoo is a personal wellness assistant that analyzes your urine sample and provides nutrition and lifestyle advice. The only thing you‘ll do is urinate on the strip and scan it with Vivoo app, then they will give you advice for your water consumption, nutrition habit or another infection, protein, and ketone level. Imagine that you’re literally peeing on a stick and having health advice in seconds. Vivoo got a $120K investment from 500 İstanbul. They were in Bayer’s Grants4Apps Turkey program for 3 months and now they are in Techstars Dubai Accelerator program! We wish them luck for their journey!

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2. Pacer, Co-founder: Mecal Topantaş

The Pacer LMS was founded in 2017 and Mecal is one of the co-founders and CTO of Pacer. Pacer LMS is a multi-award winning new-generation social learning platform built to manage and maximize corporate learning engagement. They use social learning and gamification to make corporate learning better. It has 34.000 users and is working with corporates such as Doğuş Otomotiv, Doğuş Oto, Bizim Toptan, Şok Markets. Pacer was in Workup program and joined SXSW Trade Show last year with sponsorship of Isbank. Hope they’re going to change all corporates’ training system soon! 

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3. Glamy, Co-founder: Nilsu Sertatıl

Glamy is a platform where women can rent items such as clothes, shoes, bags. The idea came up with the problem of Nilsu didn’t want to wear the same clothes at events and also spend a lot for buying new ones. It was founded at the beginning of March 2018. Since then, Glamy has reached over 30K users which increases day by day. On the other hand, Glamy is contributing to global sustainability by promoting renting instead of buying new clothes and throwing the old ones. They joined at Workup Program by Isbank and Turk Telekom Pilot program in 2018. Now their goal is to expand in Europe. Go Glamy Go, all Europe should have the same perspective as you! 

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4. Haus Freeze Dry, Co-founder: Hazel Topçu

Haus Freeze Dry is a startup which transforms High nutritional foods to healthy crispy snack with 30 years shelf life. Hazel is one of the co-founders and CEO of Haus. They spent 2018 with lots of rewards and selections from organizations like BBVA Momentum entrepreneurship program, Europen food innovation and technology association, Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey and Chobani Turkey. Haus Freeze Dry is working as B2B and B2C both. They also started sending products to abroad in 2018 and are aiming to send more products this year. Healthy food for everywhere! 

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5. Givin, Co-founder: Başak Süer

Givin is a second-hand stuff platform which provides a social benefit. 
Basically, it is a marketplace application that allows you to sell your used items to create funding for non-governmental organizations. Başak is one of the co-founders. While she was working in an international company abroad, she decided that she wants to more meaningful and profitable jobs, she quitted her job and turn back to Turkey for making Givin happen. Givin was one of the İTÜ Çekirdek startups. As an application, they started their operations one year ago. They’ve collected ₺500K stuff to sell and donate to NGOs in their first year. Had an investment from Metin Hara who is a Turkish writer, Ted speaker, and social media phenomenon. Now they are in Workup program by İsbank and opened a Givin Yard Sale store at Akmerkez! Aiming to create a “Modern Heroes Community”. We suggest everyone be one of them! 

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6. Clotie, Co-founder: Selen Korkmaz 

Clotie is a platform for people who cannot have time for shopping or don’t like shopping at all. It works as a subscription model. Clotie tests you and finds your style, then stylists of Clotie send you products you might like in a box. And they’re sending you boxes as frequently as you wish. If you try and like the products you can buy them and also return the ones you didn’t like. They were also at Workup program by Isbank. Now Clotie has over 4000 users and 300 active customers and works for men and women both. Thanks to Clotie for making stylish wearing&shopping easier!

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7. StartupHR, Co-founder: Müge Bezgin

StartupHR is a digital platform where you can join the entrepreneurship ecosystem, to work in startups, find co-founders and trainees for startups, expand your team and expand your company faster. Müge says “About a year ago, we discovered that the reason for failure in the startups we had was the team problem which is the problem of all the entrepreneurship ecosystem. And then we started the StartupHR.” StartupHR was one of the startups of Bilgiyi Ticarileştirme Merkezi and Workup program by Isbank. Now they have 2000 members and 200 startups in their platform. Looking forward to hearing their success stories! 

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