Sitters Who Love Your Pet as Much as You are at PatiBuddy

June 25, 2018

The biggest common problem for pet owners are probably the fact that they give up on their lives because they cannot entrust these living creatures they love like their children, to anyone. While looking for a place to spend the summer holiday, we search hotels that accept pets. Even if we know all the animal hotels, we worry or we cannot leave our "lives" thinking that we are giving "trouble" to even our closest ones. PatiBuddy has undertaken the task of solving this problem of pet owners.Patibuddy is Turkey's first pet sitter platform. In other words, PatiBuddy specialists come to your house and take care of your cats and dogs. Also, if you want, with hourly payments these pet sitters can just walk your cats and dogs instead of taking care of them at your house. Of course, these caregivers are not ordinary people. For now, they are reliable, hand-picked veterinary faculty students, as they are not a very large team. In other words, these are people who love animals as much as you do, and who know how to take care of your pets professionally.PatiBuddy is one of the 6 enterprises accepted to Bayer's Grants4Apps, a program already known to those who closely follow the Hackquarters blog or social media channels. This enterprise has provided services from pet sitters for more than 300 hours in the last month only. We estimate that this figure will increase even more after the online platform is fully completed.If you need reliable people whom you can leave your pet during the holidays, take a look at PatiBuddy.

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