Startup Spotlight #69 FineDine

June 24, 2021

FineDine is an AI-driven digital ordering and restaurant management platform that helps restaurant operators increase sales and customer retention by using deep learning and data-driven insights. FineDine’s Co-Founder and CEO, Duygu Kutluoğlu Kılıç told us about how they are shaping the future of dining!

When and why did you found your startup?

We founded FineDine in 2015. We believe restaurants should digitize their menus and operations to unlock data and increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Tell us about your team.

We are a team of two co-founders. As Duygu Kutluoglu, the co-founder and CEO, I have more than ten years of Project and Product Management experience. Adil Burak Kilic, the co-founder, and CTO also have more than ten years of Product Development experience.‍

What are your key and unique features?


AI-powered intelligent recommendations both for restauranteurs and diners.

Tell us about numbers that matter to you.‍

So far, FineDine has raised more than $ 500.000. As we all know, monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is a critical metric, and Month over Month (MoM) MRR growth is a measure of forwarding momentum, which we aim for. Right now, we are aiming for 8% MoM MRR growth.‍

What are your plans for the next year and the next five years?

We want to grow globally, especially in the USA. 







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