Startup Spotlight #87 Alternatif SuperApp

June 29, 2022

A super app is “a closed ecosystem of many apps that people would use every day because they offer such a seamless, integrated, contextualized, and efficient experience”, Mike Lzardis (BlackBerry co-founder) wrote in 2010. Although the concept seems to date back to more than 10 years ago, for the past two decades, the "single purpose" application paradigm of Silicon Valley has dominated our lives. However, the "super app" has gained enormous popularity in China and Southeast Asia. While super applications are essentially unknown to Western customers, it has a de facto captive market. Now, super apps are gaining popularity in the West, and some startups that started with a single app are integrating new services into their ecosystem to become super apps. Our startup spotlight guest this week is Alternatif SuperApp from Turkey. Alternatif is bringing B2C and B2B customers together as a platform model; by providing loyalty, payment, and CRM solutions for B2B companies and by providing wallet marketplace and campaigns for B2C customers. Product manager Yusuf Çıtak told us about their journey. 

Tell us about your team
Our team consists of more than 30 people. Almost all of them have past experience in their fields. Because we are a technology company our IT people are very solid and really good at their job. Our business side is also very strong. We have people who have considerable banking experience, sales experience, and social media experience. On UX and UI side, our designers have worked in pioneer designing companies. Furthermore, we have a family-kind environment. Even our interns are part of our company and embrace the company like they are full-timers. They all believe in the success of the company and are very proud to be part of it.

When and why did you found your startup?

We had a successful example of this idea. We made a wallet app for Havaist (a transportation company for airports). Then, we decided to make a marketplace for many brands from all sectors in one app: Alternatif SuperApp.

What are your key and unique features?

Alternatif is bringing B2C and B2B customers together; For B2B companies: Loyalty, payment, CRM solutions, corporate wallet, QR menu, digitalization of customer processes. Converting physical businesses into fintechs For B2C users: Campaigns, touchless payment via QR, wallet marketplace.

What is your startup's stage?

We achieved product-market fit.

Tell us about the numbers that matter to you.

We have 60+ B2B companies and more than 50.000 B2C customers. Also, the amount loaded into wallets and the activeness of the customers can be considered key indicators for the success of the Alternatif SuperApp.

What are your plans for the next year and the next 5 years?

Increase the brand awareness of Alternatif SuperApp in Turkey and also we are planning to test to expand in global markets in 2023. In the next 5 years, we are planning to be worldwide; Europe, Asia, and North America.

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