Startup Spotlight #95 TersPazar

March 21, 2023

Reverse marketing and demand ads allow buyers to take control by posting what they want to buy and at what price. This approach creates a community of like-minded individuals who can pool resources and negotiate better deals with sellers. TersPazar is an example of a reverse marketing platform that connects buyers and sellers through demand ads, offering an alternative way to purchase goods and services. Our startup spotlight guest this week is TersPazar from Turkey. TersPazar is a reverse marketing platform designed to help individuals and businesses buy and sell goods and services. Users can post a "demand ad" indicating what they're looking for and how much they're willing to pay, and sellers can then make offers to fulfill that demand. This process puts the power back in the hands of the buyers, allowing them to set the price and make purchases on their terms. TersPazar also enables users to join existing demand ads, creating a community of like-minded individuals who can pool their resources and get the best deals. Co-founder İzzet Can Ararat told us about their journey.

When and why did you found your startup?

Accelerating hyperinflation rates in Turkey has made shopping for goods and services inaccessible for the last two years. As traditional e-commerce platforms have stayed the same since they first came out 25 years ago, they need to be updated and offer no solution for current economic conjectures. The first rule of selling a product should be: Find a buyer for your product. This is what TersPazar, founded in September 2022, provides, in the first place, buyers for sellers specifically with their fully disclosed demands and budgets while grouping up those buyers in similar demands, reducing the prices.

What are your key and unique features?

The reverse marketing model, where buyers create demand listings and sellers respond with offers, Provides a platform for buyers to set their prices and terms for products and services they want. It offers a transparent and efficient marketplace for buyers and sellers to interact and negotiate with each other It Reduces barriers to entry for buyers and sellers by allowing individuals and small businesses to participate in the market quickly. Facilitates group buying by enabling buyers to join existing demand listings created by others. It helps buyers and sellers overcome the challenge of inflation in a high-inflation environment like Turkey. It offers a potential solution for small businesses struggling with inventory by allowing them to sell products quickly and efficiently.

Tell us about the numbers that matter to you.

Targeted signed-up users after funding: 0-6 months: 300 6-12 months: 20000 12-18 months: 100000 18-24 months: 500000 Targeted revenue in 2 years: 36.32 M (try) Requested funding: 500.000 $

What are your plans for next year and the next 5 years?

Being in the top 5 national e-commerce platforms. Starting a B2B e-commerce platform in reverse marketing modal Introducing TersPazar to other hyper-inflationist countries Next year: Running a comprehensive and effective product development and marketing campaign to reach the targeted amount of active and satisfied users. Partnering with an e-commerce guide platform (like to build one of the most effective data pools. Expanding our team with new employees. 

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