Startups Watch B2B Demo Day, December 2021

December 27, 2021

The last but not least online Demo Day of the year, organized by Startups Watch, was held on 22 December! The topic of the Demo Day was B2B, where B2B startups got the chance to meet with investors before 2022!

Serkan Ünsal led the Demo Day by introducing the selected startups. He directly invited the main speaker with the excitement of the last event.

B2B Demo Day’s main speaker was Hümeyra Boztunç, the Innovation Manager of Allianz Insurance. We also know her from our HackZone Scale Up Accelerator Program in partnership with Allianz Turkey. As Allianz, their main focuses are creating customer satisfaction and following along with technology. Their priorities are their employees, customers, and society, which all come together as the priority of humans. Allianz has been a global insurance company for 130 years, and Hümeyra highlighted that its success comes from its main focuses and priorities. Also, they pointed out the landmarks which they wouldn’t have accomplished without their partners, such as startups. She emphasized the importance of partnership with startups, generating technology with great IT infrastructure, and leading the data in this new modern world. Hümeyra mentioned the accelerator program that they have collaborated with Hackquarters, us! It is the first time they had an experience of a 6-month accelerator, during which the Demo Day of the HackZone Program was full with the celebration of the startups’ successes. You can watch the HackZone Scale Up Acceleration Program Demo Day here.

The jury of the last Demo Day of Startups Watch was Başar Yenidünya, the venture capital at 212. 212 mainly focuses on investing in B2B companies rather than B2C, although they make exceptions like Martı. Başar mentioned that through their experiences, they changed their focus to B2B companies. 212 does tryouts in Turkey to open up global markets with a strong perception.

Come and meet with the ten selected startups below: 

Producter - Samet Özkale: Producter is an all-in-one product management software for product-oriented companies. It offers teams a complete cycle between collecting feedback, managing tasks, tracking roadmap, and sharing updates.

Longstage - Onur Yördem: Longstage is a three-dimensional meeting and event application targeting the business world. It allows you to arrange job interviews and organize huge seminars with multiple participants. The advantage of this platform from other platforms is that it is 3D and realistic. It lets participants have a different experience during the meeting process and have a more productive meeting at the end of the meeting.

Juno Intranet - Özcan Şakır: Juno is a new generation intranet solution that allows you to boost employee engagement and evolve company culture. Juno is a digital workplace solution on Office 365 and Sharepoint. 

ConectoHub - Banu Akgül: ConectoHub is a Unified OKR and Work Platform that enables fast-growing companies to work efficiently and create alignment around ambitious goals. All strategic goals and initiatives for achieving goals can be found on ConectoHub.

TestInvite - Mustafa Ekim: TestInvite is an online assessment software. Habits changing with the pandemic let the idea grow of the online assessment. The platform is the best, free, professional, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-use online testing and examination. Users can start to create their tests and quizzes with TestInvite’s SAAS instantly.

Tingz - Çağatay Karataş: Tingz is an innovative Industry 4.0 platform for construction sites. Trusted by the largest construction companies in Turkey, Tingz provides IoT solutions to maximize machine profitability for construction companies, rental companies, contractors, mining sites, and factories. Tingz makes it possible to gather data from the most demanding environments without GSM dependencies and provide analytics solutions for optimizing machine utilization, fuel-saving, and resource planning.

3DStudyo - Emre Kutlu: 3D is here to make it easy to create 3D virtual and hybrid events via web panels. Impress your customers, employees, dealers with a fantastic event experience. 

Lmwatt - Gonca Çamkerten: Lmwatt is a high-end horticulture lighting solutions company that focuses on inventive products with the concept of generating maximum yield by consuming minimum energy.

Cloud4Feed - Cef Tovil: Acsight delivers the retail, hospitality, service, and transportation industries actionable insights on customer experience, operational and marketing effectiveness. By leveraging and deploying top technology through their partners, their mission empowers industry professionals to make better and more effective decisions.

FlexyTime - Arda Diker: Eclone is a productivity firm focusing on AI and RPA. FlexyTime is their new product which tracks time automatically and cares for employee welfare. The significant features of the product include; automatically tracking how your team uses time, working productively both in the office or at home. Allows you to figure out how to work more efficiently with your team.

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