The Power of Professional Drivers

August 26, 2019

Why some people are sooo good; so successful; and some are not? What makes you wake up every morning? Are you a success-oriented person? What do you care most; your own success or success of other people?.

Jealousy. Level ‘Professional’

For me, envy or jealousy is the strongest power of all; the genesis of everything. It is the driver that is pushing us for good or bad sake, but still moving. It’s just impossible to live in a society, be a part of this world and to be free of it. But what really matters is how we are using this power; for something useful like our own growth; or it just stays inside growing and dominating over all other feelings. So just cultivate it more; see how it is growing and you will lose yourself. Or think it differently; admire people and how they make it; put ourselves in their place, and want to become like them. And actually it’s possible to make it like your role model or even better. Put solid goals; position; salary; skills. What are the channels to take you closer to these goals? New projects; new responsibility; new knowledge. “New” is an essential word here; because you have to change your current way of life and get out of your comfort zone; which might be very painful sometimes. Take a risk, adopt for a new environment, change your behavior.

Excellence. Level ‘Professional’

No one is perfect. We all have different brains, physics, and skillsets; so some people might be brighter, wiser, or more attractive. But still, we all make mistakes and have a right to be the way we are. By the way, only people who work and do something make mistakes; because if you will just sit trying nothing new; why should you make a mistake? But be honest with yourself first; do your job as you if you want it to be delivered to you. Double-check? Why not? And the main rule of all times “Cover your ass”, always. Always think about yourself, your reputation; your part of the job should be done well. Because this is the only way to take responsibility and ownership of what you do. Make it a legend…if you do it, make people sure that it will be done with all the excellency.

You are not alone

Love people and they will love you. This is so true. Because people are the major value and asset we gain in our lives. Companies come and go; but people always stay. Love and respect your team members. Learn from people. Don’t be shy or hesitate to ask questions, because people really appreciate this. You can divert the lack of knowledge or imperfection into something positive converting your role model into your mentor. Do you want to learn something new from your teammate or manager? Ask him or her to be your mentor. And after some period of time, you will start to mentor younger colleagues by yourself.

Invest in yourself

It’s never too late to change anything in your life or learn new things. Just stop for a minute and take a breath. Does your current job make you happy? Do you feel satisfaction from the task when it’s done? How about the feeling that you still need to capture something to make it better? Learn more about content marketing; or video content, because if you do this it will take you one step forward. Never stop improving yourself; spend more time and money if required. And you will have a perfect outcome. But first put goals; is this what you really need. If the answer is yes; just do it and move forward.

Visibility. Level ‘Professional’

Did you ever think about how people think about you when they first see you; how they accept you? Just look into the mirror. Appearance is very important; clean; healthy; elegant. Wearing appropriately according to the audience and general concept. Balancing between creating your own style and still making people not to be scared of you. Appearance if the first thing people see when they meet you. Of course, you can be a nice and intelligent person; but why it has to come as a second impression. And I’m not talking about being too humble or overdressed. Dress the way to make people remember you; immediately.

Hackquarters Team
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