Transforming Healthcare: A Comprehensive Recap of the Pfizer Patika Startup Challenge

June 9, 2023

We are thrilled to share an exciting recap of the Pfizer Patika Startup Challenge! In partnership with Pfizer and Hackquarters, Patika Startup Challenge is a one-day online innovation program held on 30 May 2023 and aims to bring together innovative startups in the healthcare sector with Pfizer executives and ecosystem leaders to transform the diagnosis and management of atopic dermatitis through new technological solutions. The challenge provides an opportunity for healthcare startups and aims to strengthen innovation resources to create more success stories in managing immune-mediated diseases. 4 innovative startups pitched their groundbreaking solutions to an audience of industry experts and leaders. The challenge witnessed 66 applications from 8 countries, 8 shortlisted, and 4 startups made it to the finals. A hearty congratulations to all!

The Pfizer Patika Startup Challenge Day started with a welcoming speech from Senanur Can, BAI Business Partner & I&I Project Manager, Pfizer. She emphasized Pfizer's commitment to healthcare innovation, explaining why this challenge was significant. Next, Kaan Akın, Founder and CEO, Hackquarters, highlighted what's done in the challenge process, showcasing interesting infographics and speaking about the innovative role of Hackquarters. Then, Gökhan Karaarslan, Turkey I&I Category Lead, Pfizer, shared the company's strategic approach towards innovation, giving us an insight into their forward-thinking mindset. The spotlight turned towards the promising startups who were the event's stars. Each startup confidently presented its pitch deck, highlighting its unique healthcare solutions. After their presentations, an interactive Q&A session ensued, enabling them to respond to the questions.

A heartfelt thank you to our esteemed jury members, who brought their expertise to this event:

We extend our deepest gratitude to our special guests: Özlem Ceylan, The President of the Allergy and Living Association Board, and esteemed doctors Andaç Salman and Başak Yalçın. Their expert insights enriched our discussion and guided our understanding of the patient journey. 

Meet the finalist startups:

Ortus4c: Ortus4c  is an artificial intelligence product that enables clinics to go digital by allowing online consultations between expert doctors and patients through video and audio.

Pharmaino: Pharmaino is an initiative that combines disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence with the pharmacy ecosystem to find creative solutions to today's health problems.

Relate App: Relate is a mobile application that supports users with scientific content to acquire the necessary skills for psychological well-being and mental health.

Welcometoclub: WTC is an intelligent consumer platform that provides online consultation with skincare professionals to offer scientifically proven cosmeceutical products.

Our heartiest congratulations go out to Relate App and Ortus4c selected for the partnership with Pfizer! We eagerly anticipate the unique solutions and success stories that will undoubtedly surface from these partnerships in the future!

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See you next time!

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