We Celebrated Kässbohrer's 125th Anniversary and Listened to Those who will Shape the Next 125 Years

June 18, 2018

Kässbohrer is one of the companies that have set the limits of transportation engineering and technology for 125 years. In Ulm, where Kässbohrer was founded, the company came together with enterprises that will determine the road map of the next 125 years. In the organization, the enterprises in the field of vehicles and transportation, especially in MobilityTech, explained the emerging technologies and visions of the future to the the leading names of the industry. The Hackquarters team and TIRSAN were invited to the organization as well, and we would like to introduce these enterprises here.

The enterprises selected for the organization had the chance to make their 5-minute presentations to the leading names of the sector. Those who are successful among these enterprises will also have the chance to collaborate with Kässbohrer and their partners in the future. The successful enterprises can also participate in the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair in Hannover on September 20-27. IAA is of one of the largest fairs in the world in its field.Apart from the enterprises, the names known in the sector also expressed their opinions to both the experts and the enterprises about the years to come. Among these important names were Johannes Giloth from Nokia, Liren Xu from Black & Decker, Matthias Graefe from IBM, Darius Moeini from Numa, and Mirko Senatore from Pfizer.The 4 selected enterprises from more than 100 applications and had the chance to make presentations in Ulm were as follows:

BeNomad: Intelligent navigation and route system for electric vehicles

Cargosnap: Physical condition tracking system of cargo and containers4FOLD: Patented containers that can be folded and thus provide volume gain of up to 75%Magment: Magnetic cement systems for electric vehicles

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