Web Summit 2019: Lisbon | 6 November

November 7, 2019

Going full speed into the second day of Web Summit, the main tracks of today were Deeptech, Panda Conference, Money, and Content Marketers. Varying topics from technological development, robotics to content creation, both developers and marketers how gained knowledge about the future of tech and marketing in 2020. Let's look into the future together.

1. Marketing in 2020

Being in 2 tracks related to how brands should act in 2020 to differentiate in the marketing ecosystem, there are five key takeaways. Stated by David Meltzer, how to capture a message and how to process it through different mediums is the first step. After amplifying the captured signal, perpetuating, it is essential.As Burger King’s CMO Fernando Machado says, to create meaningful emotional connections and inclusion is going to be the main differentiator for sustainable businesses. Supporting this idea, Katia Bassi CMO of Lamborghini stated the fact that how they differ with their hybrid car is the customized design provided by personal data.Brands adapting to creating the right solutions by personalized data and being inclusive and ungendered are going to make a difference in 2020.

2. Multi-platform media: The digital challenge

After learning the tricks for marketing 2020, another problem to be successful is to survive in the multi-platform ecosystem. In this panel looking things from the traditional media Executive Director, Creative Video Development, Condé Nast Entertainment Kelly Bales, CEO of United Group Victoriya Boklag, and new media, Executive Managing Editor, VICE Media LLC Erika Allen, Co-founder & CEO of TasteMade Larry Fitzgibbon the most crucial takeaway is keep the integrity of the brand while adapting to the new mediums. Bales stated that CondeNast publishes like a musician, two tracks perfect for radio and popular culture, and the rest is about what they believe in.

3. Robots are dead, long live robots

Being the most famous robot in the world, Sophia and Philip were on stage, talking about how social robots should adapt to human life. Founder of Hanson Robotics David Hanson and Founder of SingularityNET Ben Goertzel spoke about how the systems for Sophia and Philip work and introduced them. Both social robots work with prewritten messages and AI-generated thinking, and they are trying to understand human life. Being grateful to meet with Philip for the first time, Sophia stated that to understand better the social being; she has to observe and interact more with people to communicate with them the human way.

4. Where will we be in 2050?

DeepTech stage hosts Alex Wright-Gladstein, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer @Ayar Labs / Marc Mengler, Co-founder & CEO @understand.ai / Mitchell Baker, Co-founder & Chairwoman @Mozilla / Peter O'Malley, Co-founder & CEO @Advisable / Robin Pagnamenta, Head of Technology @The Telegraph to discuss where will we be in 2050!Mengler predicts the world where you can check in a hotel, and in its bathroom, your digital doctor can recognize new health diseases you got in travel. His optimistic approach stands on technologic development humanity have had so far, he says. Wright-Gladstein also mentioned entrepreneurs who will solve all possible further challenges such as catastrophic climate change, but also there are challenges like politic obstacles people will determine.Credit:Barkın Özdemir, Beliz Atalay, Mustafa Tandogan

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