Workup 10th Batch Has Just Started to Push Innovation Ecosystem Forward

August 25, 2022

On 23 August 2022 Workup gave a start to its 10th Season welcoming 9 new startups. Workup Startup Acceleration Program, supported by İşbank and implemented by Hackquarters, aims to support the growth and global scaling of the initiatives of solution-producing startups in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Crypto Assets, Open Banking, MetaVerse, Insurtech, Artificial Intelligence, PayTech, New-Gen Payment Solutions, Wallet Apps, Behavioral Finance, Performance Measurement. Decent startups in other verticals. 

Scaling and partnership opportunities with İşbank and partners, tailor-made mentorships, more than $300,000 perks, and opportunities to expand globally are just a few opportunities startups get from the program. 

So far in the program, 15k+ startups have applied, and 87 graduated from the program. We had a good track record that many alumni startups raised investments and significantly improved their businesses. 

We opened the program with an Online Meetup on August 12th, 2022, Friday. Kaan Akın, Founder at Hackquarters, emphasized the importance of creating innovation ecosystems to move startups forward. “When we started implementing the program 5 years ago, we intended to focus on FinTech and InsurTech. However, what we had on our hands was a baby ecosystem. Today, we see much more qualified entrepreneurs. This is not about a personal issue but the progress of the innovation ecosystem.”

At the meetup, Emre Ölçer, Head of Digital Banking at İşBank, highlighted that the program is the product of the foundational vision of İşBank, which is moving entrepreneurship forward. “When we started the program 5 years ago, we also started to learn about startups, which was a novel area for us. Throughout the 5 years since we started the program, we have always considered what we can offer to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Today, we have gained the function of a venture builder. We are providing founders with know-how & mentorship support and investment opportunities. We started new funds to support the ecosystem financially. Also, having İşBank as a customer of your startup is invaluable as the internal consideration process of İşBank is highly meticulous. Seeing İşBank as a user of your product helps other potential customers trust you easily.”

The program continues to create greater values without slowing down. In this batch, 200 startups applied, 18 were shortlisted, and 9 were selected for the program. This batch started with the Kick-off Event in Kolektif House attended by Workup 10th Batch Startups, partners and mentors on August 23rd, Tuesday and it will continue until December 2022, with the world-class coaching and network, embracing innovation with İşbank and group companies, and providing access to investment networks.

Here are 9 startups selected for the 10th Batch of the Workup Startup Acceleration Program:

abonesepeti: abonesepeti is a subscription management platform that helps users start, manage, end their subscriptions, and more.

F-Ray: F-Ray develops machine learning software that saves time and efficiency for financial statement interpreters by performing instant algorithmic financial analysis and evaluating all public or non-public companies.

Finso: Finso digitizes consumer loans and enables end users to complete shopping in physical stores and e-commerce.

Hipokid: Hipokid is a digital marketplace that brings together families looking for children's activities and institutions and individuals who offer these activities.

İnteraktif Kredi: İnteraktif Kredi provides financial reports for artificial intelligence-based decision support to users by creating a confidence score in determining the repayment power of the parties in the debtor-credit relationship and determining the terms and limits.

Kaira: Kaira Network is a multi-chain, decentralized social network for Web 3.0 communities that allow users to interact, create content and earn token rewards while socializing without fear of censorship.

Magnus: Magnus is a platform that provides optimal asset allocation in line with the risk profile, expectations, and constraints of investors by offering an artificial intelligence-based portfolio optimization and robo advisory platform.

Memotive: Memotive digitizes touch points and gathers them into a single platform for corporate companies that want to improve their employees' experience and increase their motivation and loyalty.

Paff Studios: Paff Studios is a platform that enables the development of new generation blockchain products in a very short time with the Paff SDK solution developed for the blockchain world.

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