Workup4Future: Shaping the Future with Sustainability and Disaster-Tech

November 29, 2023

Welcome to the exciting world of Workup4Future, a groundbreaking program that stands at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, disaster technology and social impact. This program, a collaborative effort between Hackquarters, Türkiye İş Bankası, and GİRVAK, is designed to support entrepreneurs with a vision to transform our world.

Why Workup4Future Matters

In today's world, where environmental and social challenges are becoming increasingly complex, the Workup4Future Program emerges as a beacon of hope. The "Workup4Future Program" is a social impact entrepreneurship program aimed at providing support to entrepreneurs who aim to create innovative solutions within the framework of Sustainable Development Goals and disaster technology.

Who Should Apply?

The program is tailor-made for startups that have reached at least an MVP stage and use innovative technologies to increase efficiency, protect the environment, or contribute to climate action in areas such as disaster technologies, environment and sustainability, social inequalities, clean energy, transportation and mobility, waste management, and social service technologies. If your startup is driven by a mission to make a sustainable impact and is ready for the next growth phase, Workup4Future is where you should be.

Program Highlights

The 4-month program is a journey of growth and opportunity. It offers mentorship from industry experts, access to a wide business network, and opportunities to connect with investors. The program focuses on tangible impact and sustainable growth, guiding startups through a transformative experience.

Sustainability and Disaster-Tech: Welcome to ‘Workup4Future

On November 28, 2023, we hosted an enlightening online meetup. The event showcased the program's commitment to fostering innovative solutions within the Sustainable Development Goals framework.

Kaan Akın, the Founder and CEO of Hackquarters, opened the event with an overview of the Workup4Future Program. He emphasized the program's focus areas, including disaster technologies, environmental sustainability, and social innovation. Kaan underscored the program's objective to support startups with at least an MVP-level product, offering unparalleled access to mentorship, business development opportunities, and investor networks.

Fireside Chat on Disaster-Tech & Impact Entrepreneurship

The first fireside chat, featuring Kaan Akın, Aydın Bozdemir from İşbank, and Mehru Aygül from the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation, delved into the evolving landscape of disaster-tech and impact entrepreneurship. They discussed the future trajectory of disaster technologies and the positioning of impact initiatives in today's world.

Success Stories from Impact-Driven Startups

In a compelling session led by Fırat Umur of İşbank, founders Cavid Bayramlı of Wastespresso and Umutcan Duman of Evreka shared their inspiring journeys. They touched on their startups' inception, growth, and social impact. Wastespresso's innovative approach to coffee waste management and Evreka's impactful solutions in waste management were particular highlights.

For those who missed this enlightening event, we encourage you to watch the recorded session here.

If you're an entrepreneur with a vision to create sustainable solutions and make a real-world impact, the Workup4Future Program is an opportunity to be noticed.

Apply Now

The program is actively seeking innovative startups ready to scale their impact. Take your chance to be a part of this transformative journey. For more details and to submit your application, Apply now via this link. For more information, visit the official Workup4Future website

Workup4Future is not just a program; it's a movement towards a sustainable future powered by innovation and driven by impact. Be a part of this journey to redefine how startups can contribute to the world's sustainable development goals.

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