WorkupAgri and Workup Demoday

June 15, 2022

On the 7 June 2022 Workup (9th Batch) and WorkupAgri (1st Batch) by İşBank presented its graduates. The Demoday, held in İşSanat Conference Hall and anchored by Yekta Kopan, showmarked the recover of the Turkish startup ecosystem after pandemics. With more than 400 people joined, it was a great scene full of startup pitches at the Workup and WorkupAgri Demoday celebrating the 5 years of the acceleration program. 

The Program started with Hakan Aran, İşBank General Manager and CEO. Aran underlined the value created by Workup Acceleration Program so far after 5 years passed since Workup first accelerated its first batch. Aran mentioned outstanding support and leadership of the ex-CEO Adnan Bali and current VP Yalçın Seze, Aran said, "If we are giving our 9th term graduates, it is the result of that leadership." Reminding that Workup has another sibling, Aran announced that WorkupAgri is showcasing its first graduates. Pointing attention to the agile working culture, Aran stated that the horizontal working order instead of vertical specialization increases innovation.

In this context, he stated that agricultural and energy engineers working together can create expertise in sustainability. Creativity doesn’t emerge when people aren’t working together, no matter how quialified they are on their own expertise. He added, that WorkupAgri is working on irrigation techniques, clean water resources and improving production quality of the farming sector.

During this year, Workup increased the number of graduates from 81 to 92. 51 of the 81 startups from the previous periods continue on their way. Finally, let's mention that 35 Workup startups received an investment of 12 million dollars. Aran; "Receiving investment means that there are people who believe in the future they want to build," he commented.

During this Batch, İşBank collaborated with 5 startups and started using the products of 3 startups. It created a potential user base of 25.000 by presenting a startup that works with a subscription system to its employees. In addition, Aran expressed his support establishing a new generation of venture capital fund, Maxis.

Workup and WorkupAgri Startups Pitched During the Demoday, 7 June 2022:


Local Greens: LocalGreens is an initiative focused on sustainability that grows fresh & healthy vegetables by using the hydroponic growing method, in local farms of metropolitan cities.

3pmetrics: 3pmetrics is a software infrastructure that enables institutions, businesses, activities, or agricultural activities to calculate, report and analyze the carbon footprints of ISO 14064 standards.

SOYL-GEL: Soyl-Gel is a multifunctional hydrogel for agriculture, that supplies water for prolonged times, releases nutrients and pesticides for soil and plant health.

Wastepresso: Wastespresso is an enterprise that produces disposable plastics, materials, and raw materials that can dissolve quickly in nature by collecting, composting, and drying coffee wastes.

wiCow: wiCow is an artificial intelligence-supported early warning and health monitoring system used in cattle breeding.


Cineshort: A mobile video broadcasting platform that offers hundreds of carefully selected short films to its users with a subscription model and provides sustainable support to directors through revenue sharing.

Co-one: A labeling service that makes high-speed, traceable and continuous need for quality labeled data required by artificial intelligence teams to develop their products.

Cubtale: ​​A care management platform consisting of a mobile application and smart buttons called “cub” that allows doctors and parents to make data-driven decisions in routine baby care.

Finekra: A new generation finance application, accessible from all platforms, integrated with banking and accounting programs, enabling institutions to manage their banking and payment-collection processes from a single portal.

Fintegre: Adaptable to the needs of retailers, increasing the purchasing power of its customers; device exchange programs, insurance transactions, electronic device rental services, subscription models, etc. financial services platform that offers solutions.

Wiser: Wiser, a discovery platform that combines the creative economy and artificial intelligence for new media content, offers a media experience that is both personal and stimulating, instead of algorithms that are programmed to suggest similar content all the time.

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