WorkupAgri Program Waits for Agriculture and Climate Innovators

November 2, 2022

Agriculture has an impact on everything. It's the basis of human civilization, from the air we breathe to the food we eat. Climate change has reached a place where farming and agriculture face serious difficulties, not only through environmental conditions but also through water conservation and keeping a healthy supply chain. In 2021 Hackquarters started a program with İşbank,  aiming to support and improve all aspects of agriculture to create a better future.  From sustainable agriculture to water conservation, ecological packaging to agriculture drones, all new technologies and solutions are in the scope of the WorkupAgri Startup Program, which is now in the application period for its 2nd Batch.

WorkupAgri is a 6-month startup program designed by Hackquarters in partnership with İşbank. The program comprises the following categories, i.e., Smart Agriculture, Supply Chain, Climate Change, Circular Economy, Energy & Agricultural Resources, and Water Usage Management. Applications are open until 3 November 2022; startups can use this link to apply for the Program.

To bring together ecosystem leaders, corporate executives, founders, investors, and innovators in agricultural technologies in Turkey and to raise awareness about the WorkupAgri Program’s benefits, an Online Meetup was organized on 25 October 2022.

The event started with Kaan Akın’s speech of Kaan Akın Founder at Hackquarters, where he provided information about the application process and benefits of WorkupAgri. “Almost all startups from the 1st Batch have doubled their revenue during the program and raised more than $440.000 in total.

Following Kaan’s presentation, İzlem Erdem, Deputy Chief Executive, İşbank, shared İşbank’s vision for the emerging agriculture sector. “As the sources are inadequate, we need to improve efficiency in agriculture as more food will be required. We are also experiencing a critical climate crisis now. At İşbank, we don’t approach the agricultural sector from a conventional banking perspective. In line with our founding vision, we look forward to transforming how we produce food and treat nature. This is the major reason İşbank has initiated the WorkupAgri startup program.

In the final part of the Meetup, Emre Ölçer, Head of Digital Banking, İşbank, and Kerem Akıner, Head of Agricultural Banking, İşbank, shared their perspectives and expectations regarding the  WorkupAgri in the panel moderated by Kaan Akın. Emre Ölçer stated, “What we want to see from founders are devotedness and good intention. Both at Workup and WorkupAgri programs, we are trying to find ways how we can add value to the startup and innovation ecosystem.
Kerem Akıner added, “Our approach to agriculture is much more than just conventional banking. We are focusing on the impact while engaging with the entrepreneurs. They improve our sustainability muscle to fight the climate crisis.”

WorkupAgri applications are open until 3 November 2022. 

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