Kickstarting Growth: A Look Back at Our First Growth Gateway

July 19, 2023

What is Growth Gateway?

Growth Gateway is like a compass to help you find your way in the complex world of startups. It's where startup founders, experts, and experienced mentors can share their knowledge and experiences.

We focus on the critical parts of running a startup – getting investment, raising funds, branding, marketing, and gaining experience. Our goal is to help you get the skills and knowledge you need to face the challenges of the startup landscape. But Growth Gateway isn't just about giving information. It's about encouraging interaction and cooperation. Each webinar includes interactive Q&A sessions, workshops, and chances to solve problems together. We want to build a community that supports growth and knowledge sharing.

The First Session

We started our journey on 14 July 2023 with our first session: "Growth Gateway: Extending Cash Runway." The session was led by Hilmi Kaya, co-founder of Yancep, and Onur Duygu, Chief Business Development Officer of Yancep. Hilmi shared helpful strategies for startups to maximize their resources, make their cash last longer, and boost growth through strategic partnerships. He talked about his experiences with Yancep and how they used innovative ways to manage their assets and tailor-made portfolios to help startups, especially those new to financial management.

Questions and Answers

A big part of the webinar was the Q&A session. Attendees asked questions about Yancep's business, how safe their investments are, and how their services for businesses (B2B) differ from those for customers (B2C). Hilmi and Onur answered these questions, ensuring everyone understood clearly. 

Here are some frequently asked questions from the first webinar.

Q1: Is Yancep providing treasury management?

Yancep is a financial technology startup that makes saving and investing more accessible. With the mission of democratizing the investment process, Yancep allows users to invest in modeled portfolios according to their risk profile.

Q2: Are my savings and investment in Yancep safe? The assets of mutual funds are kept under the assurance of Takasbank, the official Istanbul Settlement, and Custody Bank Inc., apart from the assets of the founder and manager. In addition, per the CMB, the fund's assets cannot be pledged, provided as collateral, and cannot be seized by third parties.

Q3: How does Yancep's B2B solution differ from its B2C offerings? A: Yancep's B2B solution is specifically designed for founders and startups, providing them with personalized asset management strategies and investment portfolios. This boutique approach ensures the solutions are customized to meet each founder's unique needs and goals.

Thank You and What's Next

Thank you to Hilmi and Onur for sharing their insights and to everyone who attended the session. We're looking forward to the rest of the Growth Gateway series. Keep up to date through our newsletter and website.

Finally, we want to hear from you: Do you have any ideas for our following events? We're always open to new suggestions. Send your ideas to Your idea could be the focus of our next webinar. So, let's keep learning and growing together on this exciting startup journey.

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